Open Close Cross Alert R6 by JustUncleL

This revision of this indicator is an Open Public release. The indicator alert based on JayRogers "Open Close Cross Strategy R2" and is used in conjunction with the revised "Open Close Cross Strategy R5".

This indicator alert created for TradingView alarm sub-system (via the alertcondition() function, which currently does not work in a "Strategy" script). Also this indicator plots the Difference Factor between the Close and Open Moving Averages, this gives a good indication of strength of move. Also included in this release is optional Divergence finder with variable width channel.

Release Notes: R6.2 By JustUncleL:
  • Minor updates for Pinescript Version 3 Compliance.
  • Modified Divergence to display only when in correct High/Low zone.
Release Notes: ...Bug Fix
Correction on SuperSmooth MA calculation.
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thank you, It looks great. Can I use that for autoview?
@Smikel, This script was not coded for manual trading in mind, there is no code built-in to control AV trading.
Smikel JustUncleL
@JustUncleL, yep, I see it was repainting all the time. If I put delayOffset=1 it suddenly goes from 80% to 35% and it's not profitable anymore. :(. Which strategy do you use for autoview?

Awesome script. I have added it into my chart but the overlay which shows short or long isn't showing up even though I had set overlay = true.
@likepeas, This script is not designed to be overlayed, it is stand alone non-overlay script that generates the same signals as the "strategy" with the same settings. If you want to overlay it you can simply use "merge" up/down chart feature of TradingView.
likepeas JustUncleL
@JustUncleL, Thank you! How would I get it to paint on the chart, for example how you have got short and long.
been monitoring the 1 minute chart for a while and taking screenshots. Seems the indicators on where to go long and short change retrospectively so that most of the wrong signals are removed and it shows as being almost always right...
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how can you set alarms to be alerted when it flips short/long?
+1 Svara
crazyheinz crazyheinz
never mind, found it. Using v6 and v5 at the same time is the bomb :), great work JustUncleL!
Is this still working? found your link in trollbox bitmex and wanna thank you very much
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