A simple strategy is to determine the trend. Do not use it for real-time transactions. Use it as a Reaffirmation trade entry.
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strategy("GetTrendStrategy", overlay=true)
out1 = security(tickerid, tim, open)
out2 = security(tickerid, tim, close)
longCondition = crossover(security(tickerid, tim, close),security(tickerid, tim, open))
if (longCondition)
    strategy.entry("long", strategy.long)
shortCondition = crossunder(security(tickerid, tim, close),security(tickerid, tim, open))
if (shortCondition)
    strategy.entry("short", strategy.short)


Hi Man, Good Evening,
I was using your indicator quite long and noticed some advantages while changing the Tim values.
40 for Scalping
80 for Intraday
160 for Swing trades
Yes!! its working very well in scalping and I made some Millions (Rupees) in Jan, Feb & March 2020.

Thanks for your best indicator
+260 Svara
minakshi_nv srinivas36514
@srinivas36514, Hi, have you been able to add alerts? If yes, can you share, please?
+67 Svara
Siddh98 uscrypdoh
@uscrypdoh, Hi minakshi there is one problem actually at the beginning it gives correct signal but after some time at each candle it gives bong short signal im stuck on this, so do you have any solution on this?
+75 Svara
Even I am facing this issue...
any setting recommendation as solution would be appreciated :)
+12 Svara
Rahul_rvrp Siddh98
@Siddh98, Hi , same proble i am facing bu using this indicator.. have u got any solution for this? r u able to take correct entry and exit?
+12 Svara
@Siddh98, using along with moving avg along. above it consider buy and below consider short positions.. signals working good
+2 Svara
Easy_Dags Welcome_2021
@Welcome_2021, which Ma is better for intraday while using this indicator ?
+7 Svara
prezogar Siddh98
@Siddh98, you can wait for 5-6 candles in 1 min time frame and take trade if gap is more then the previous gap between lines..