STC Indicator - A Better MACD [SHK]

The Schaff Trend Cycle indicator is the product of combining Slow Stochastics and the moving average convergence/divergence ( MACD ). The MACD has a reputation as a trend indicator, but it's also notorious for lagging due to its slow responsive signal line. The improved signal line gives the STC its relevance as an early warning sign to detect currency trends.

Read more on Investopedia:
Schaff Trend: A Faster And More Accurate Indicator
Release Notes:
  • Updated to V4 Pinescript.
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Hi shayankm, would you allow me to use your script and add it to my own indicator that I want to publish? You would be credited....
Thanks for an answer in advance and best regard
+7 Svara
shayankm Siggi1974
@Siggi1974, Hi friend, yeah no problem.
+2 Svara
hey dude grate indicater ,can you create alerts for this indicater it would be like cherry on the cake
plz create alerts when the indicater changes colour oor guide me to set alert on this indicater
+6 Svara
murse_money cevini66
@cevini66, It really would be having alerts for when it turns green or red that don't repaint would be a game changer.
does it repaint?
+4 Svara
shayankm dpanday
@dpanday, Of course NO :)
+1 Svara
@dpanday, yes it does.
shayankm The_Toddster
@The_Toddster, repaint needs a Security function or offset on Plot function. You prove the repaint and i delete my account :)
+1 Svara
I've been using the STC for a long time now. Its great for identifying directional moves from short term consolidations. Started using it with the Boll band squeeze. When coming out of a squeeze, Enter in the direction of the STC. I haven't officially back tested yet, but I'd be willing to bet it tests out fairly well.
+1 Svara
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