Daily Auto Fibonacci Tool

Calculates Fibonacci retracements based on daily highs/lows, and further beyond that if specified. The main difference between this and other auto Fibbing tools is ease of visibility.

  • Take highs/lows from a few days back or take highs/lows from each daily candle
  • Hide retracements before today
  • Show labels for each retracement level
  • Hide/Show retracement levels
  • Change colors quickly and uniformly (in script)

Retracements used:
-0.382 / 0 / 0.236 / 0.382 / 0.5 / 0.618 / 0.786 / 1 / 1.272
Release Notes: Added toggle to show/hide on daily or higher timeframes
Release Notes: Use a single input to control text color.
Release Notes: Hid other indicators on chart
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