Adoptive Supertrend - Bands

Another adoption of supertrend. This time based on different channels - Bollinger Band , Keltner Channel, Donchian Channel and Pivot point based Donchian channel.

When price hits top of bands, it is considered as start or continuation of uptrend. When price hits bottom of the band it is considered as start or continuation of downtrend. Hence, supertrend is drawn based on these calculations. Use ATR Periods and ATR Multiplier to create stops certain ATR away from band's top and bottom.

Other supertrend adoptions published are here:

Pivot point based donchian channel is published here:

Open-source script

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anyway to automate it ?
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Respected Sir Great and awesome work, highly appreciable for codeing such beautyful indiacator, can I request you to add ORB and VWAP which will add super fragrance for the work and spread a scent in smalltraders who are dependent on trading during this COVID-19 epedemic.
It may sound you vague but need of small petty traders community is requested.
Thankyou and appreciate your wonderfull work.
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HeWhoMustNotBeNamed pushpadaga1966
@pushpadaga1966, Hi, thanks for reaching out. Intraday trading isn't really my strength. Will try to learn about ORB when I get time. Just confirming whether you want them as supertrend? If so, they might generate too many signals which may not help trading.
The number of brillant people here per square meter is higher than the national average.
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This is awesome and I just request if an arrow indicator can be added on top of the candle when the downtrend starts and lower of the candle when the uptrend starts for Band Bollinger Adoptive Supertrend. Great work, kudos for your hard work!! Thank you!
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