MFI/RSI with Volatility Bands [LazyBear (edited)]

Edited version of the script by LazyBear.

Update of my previous script.

- plot both MFI and/or RSI (LazyBear only allows one of both)
- plot RSI / MFI band (over sold - mid - over bought) + indicator lines
Release Notes: Corrected some variable naming and edited some colors.
Release Notes: minor update
Release Notes: minor update
Release Notes: Added additional functionalities.

There are now 4 possibilities for highlighting overbought/oversold
Release Notes: minor edit
Release Notes: minor edit
Release Notes: reduced the number of overbought/oversold options to 2 (from 4)
Release Notes: Significant update:

* added VFI
addes Fast-Slow Stochastic RSA Convergence/Divergence Histogram
Release Notes: * added Fast-Slow Stochastic RSI Convergence/Divergence Histogram
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