ADR label

// To quote @qullamaggie: " High ADR is Gold , low ADR is shit..."
// Hence we display the ADR (Average Daily Range) in percent.
// We also calculate and display Long Stop-Loss suggestions.
// 1. Using the ATR times a multiple.
// 2. Using a percentage.
// We also calculates the Trend Template as described by Mark Minervini in his book: "Trade like a stock market wizard"
// For a stock to be considered all the rules has to be fullfilled.
// The only rule this indicator doesn't implement is the IBD Relative Strength ranking.
// Rules:
// close > MA-50 > MA-150 > MA-200 , each condition that is true gets one point.
// The current stock price is at least 30 percent above its 52-week low, gets one point
// The current stock price is within at least 25 percent of its 52-week high, gets one point.
// The 200-day moving average line is trending up for at least 1 month (preferably 4–5 months), gets one point.
// When we get 6 points, all the rules are fullfilled and we display an OK;
// else we show the number of points (X).
Release Notes: Added the display of the change in percent of two selected Indices.
Release Notes: We calculate the max allowed position- and risk size based on an optional Account size,
a position percentage and a risk percentage, together with a suggested Stop Loss.
We also allow for expressing the Account size in some currencies other than USD.
Release Notes: Adding the display of the number of Shares to buy to fill up the max position size.
Release Notes: Cleaned up the display by using a table located in the upper right corner.
Release Notes: Correcting the Indices diff calculation.
Release Notes: Added possibility to control the location of the Display; possible positions are: Top/Middle/Bottom Right
Release Notes: Renamed the name; new name: 'Quick Stats'.
Cleaned up the table layout and removed the
calculation of Position Sizes (moved to a separate
indicator: 'Position Sizes')
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