Chart Champions - Part 3 - Sessions

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Thank you for sparing you time to read my indicator.
This indicator has been created as a suite of 3. This was to ensure that those with only the Free Trading View account could benefit (with their restriction to 3 indicators). Please ensure you install each indicator and read each indicator write up to fully understand what has tried to achieved.

Chart Champions – Part 1 –Lvls nPOC VWAPS

This indicator is broken down into:
• Levels
• Naked Point of Control

It displays the levels to the right of the price Axis to enable the user to have a cleaner chart.
The below levels will automatically appear:
dOpen – pdHigh – pdLow – pdEQ – pwEQ
Optional Levels include:
mOpen – pmOpen – pdOpen – dbyOpen – wOpen – pwOpen

Optional VWAPs
Daily (including pdVWAP close) – Weekly – Monthly

Naked Points of Control (nPOC)
To view the nPOC move the chart back in time to pick up the nPOCs.

Chart Champions – Part 2 – CCV IBs POC

This indicator is broken down into:
• Chart Champions Value
• Initial Balance
• Points of Control

Chart Champions Value ( CCV )
CCV is based on the 80% rule of the dOpen opening outside of the pdVAH/pdVAL. Please do you own research to fully understand how this trading strategy works (readily avaliable online).

Initial Balance ( IB )
IB is based on the first 60 minutes of the market opening. It captures the highest and lowest points within that 60 minutes. Please do you own research to fully understand how this trading strategy works (readily avaliable online).

Points of Control (POCs)
POC are the price levels where the most volume was traded.
Developing POC (dPOC) will constantly move with volume /price action through out the day.

Optional POCs
Previous Day POC (pdPOC) – Day Before Yesterday POC (dbyPOC)

Chart Champions – Part 3 – Sessions - Manual Input

This indicator is broken down into:
• Manual Inputs (daily, weekly, monthly)
• IGOR SessionsTtimes
• Pre + Market Openings

Manual Input
Daily x3
Weekly x 3
Monthly x 3
This allows the trader to put in specific levels.

IGOR Session Times
This is a user specific requirement to highlight cetain times during the day, displayed at the bottom of the chart in the colour strip.

Pre + Market Openings
This allows the user to see when pre market trading has started and with the live maket has started, displayed at the top of the chart in colours.

A huge thank you goes out to:
Stackoverflow users AnyDozer and Bjorn.
TV user ahancock for allow me use of this code.

Disclaimer the lower the timeframe the more information it processes.
Release Notes: Update

Removed manual input code and moved to Chart Champions Part 1 (at user request to keep all key levels in one indicator).

Updated top color banner to be more user friendly (pre market and market opening)
Market open = Green Square
Market Close = Red Square

Freed up code space for new project to implement IGOR Session POCs.
Release Notes: ## Update ##

User request to add ASX (Pre and Market Open).

User request to be able to manually adjust the times within the settings.

User request to update defaulted NYSE times.

All changes can be seen within the settings.
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CC thank you
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Frien_dd beerabit
@beerabit, Thank you for your supporting comments.
The open/close markers a re a huge help. Thanks!
+2 Svara
Frien_dd TheCrypt0grfr
@TheCrypt0grfr, I agree the Open/Close can help look back at previous Open/Closes and position your probability trades.
Looks awesome.
+1 Svara
Frien_dd cryptowarkis666
@cryptowarkis666, trying to develop this indicator further, if you have any suggestions drop me a message.
All of the functions of your three scripts are useful, but I would recommend traders learn their usage - probably even one by one. It is too overwhelming to have all that on the chart at the same time. Eventually, it is good to memorize session times and ignore stuff that is not exactly relevant to the chosen symbol.
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Frien_dd greenmask9
@greenmask9, definitely agree, a trader needs to find the strategy that works for them and that takes time and experience. This suite was developed based on a user requirement. So the user provided me with their requirements and I aimed at meeting all of their requirements. Hopefully they are useful to those that use the same trading technique strategy. The indicators have options so the reader can turn on and off what they want to see.
I myself am still developing my own strategy.
+1 Svara
greenmask9 Frien_dd
@Frien_dd, I noticed that you use a lot of pieces of elements that are objective and the same for all. I suggest to check some studies on volume :)
+3 Svara
Frien_dd greenmask9
@greenmask9, I am still learning only been coding since Dec 20/Jan 21. So if you free we could setup a time to develop my coding knowledge/experience. Lets continue this in Direct Message. If there are ways to improve the script and my knowledge I am happy to learn.
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