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This Buy Sell Indicator uses price action calculations to determine the bullish or bearish nature of the current market and then calculates if the price action is strong enough to give a signal. The indicator is fully adjustable so you can fine tune it to fit your specific trading style with Scalp Mode, Swing Mode, Long Swing Mode and candle trailing length. It also has an automatic trailing stop loss and take profit features that can be customized.

For price action identification, scalp mode looks at the candle body, candle wicks and size of the body and wicks and compares all of that to the previous candle to see if it is bullish or bearish . Swing mode will compare the current candle to the last 2 candles and long swing mode will compare the current candle to the last 10 candles. It’s looking for higher highs & lower lows, if the candle body is large or small and much more.

There are also filters that prevent signals from being given when the candle is small or has not made a higher high or lower low compared to the previous candle and multiple other filters to help hold positions longer. Once the price action direction has been confirmed, then the script looks at a massive amount of other calculations to determine if a signal should be given or not. These calculations are made up of all of my best indicators combined into a master signal generator as well as more new calculations from things I have learned over time and tested extensively that have not been made available to the public until now.

Price action as well as many other factors will all have to be confirming the direction before a signal can come in, but it reacts very quickly so it can give early signals at the first sign of reversal. Fine tune your settings to match your trading style from within the input settings and then look for potential reversal areas and take signals that appear in that reversal area for the highest probability of winning trades. I decided not to include any support or resistance or similar tools in order to keep the indicator lightweight and respond as fast as possible as well as update the candles as quickly as possible. This also lets you keep your charts clean and only use the support & resistance tools that you prefer since everyone has a different trading style.

There is also a higher timeframe scanner available as a separate indicator titled Buy Sell Signal Scanner that you can find on my profile. It can be customized to show you up to 8 higher timeframes of your current ticker or any other ticker you like. This is useful for trading with the trend of the higher timeframes or you can set it to the same timeframe as your chart and scan other tickers that usually move together or opposite for extra confirmation. Each ticker/timeframe will be displayed in a table on the chart and colored green or red depending if it is currently bullish or bearish . If you are using a different timeframe than the current chart, then it will display the timeframe next to the ticker name.


The candles will paint blue or orange according to the price action detected. This can be customized or turned on/off and will follow the price action according to the trade mode settings. Using these candle colors helps to get rid of anxiety when watching candles come in that are in the opposite direction of your trade. I highly recommend using this feature as it helps you control your emotions much better during trading.

The trade mode settings let you choose between Scalp Mode, Swing Mode and Long Swing mode. They all use the same price calculations, but each mode has its own filters to hold through ranging price action in a slightly different way. You can also adjust the candle trailing length to make it hold positions even longer. The candle trailing length will not let a signal come in until there is a higher high or lower low than the previous X number of candles from this setting.

Scalp mode will get you in and out of positions the earliest. Swing mode will hold signals longer by filtering out ranging price action. Long swing mode uses even more filtering to hold positions even longer than swing mode and let price range more without calling out every move. Each one of these modes will also be affected by the candle trailing length.

It should be noted that using swing mode and long swing mode or increasing the candle trailing length will make the signals not perform as well when price action is whipsawing up and down and also will not have as early of entries and exits as scalp mode due to the range breaks that are needed for a signal to be given. That being said, it will hold positions much longer when markets are trending and still have great entries and exits, so use the longer settings when markets are trending and then switch to scalp mode when the market is chopping around and moving sideways for best results.

Scalp Mode

Swing Mode

Long Swing Mode

There is an automatic stoploss feature as well. It calculates the average candle height and adds/subtracts that from the highest high or lowest low of the past X number of candles according to your Stoploss Candle Trail Length. Use a lower number for a tight trailing stoploss and increase the number for a more loose stoploss. You can also customize the color of the stoploss line and label or turn it off if you prefer. The stoploss will update on every candle for proper trailing but it will not switch to an opposing signal until the candle closes with a new signal.

There is an automatic take profit level generator as well that also uses the average candle height for its calculations. There are 3 settings that let you set the average candle size multiplier for each take profit level. The default settings are evenly spaced at 3, 6 and 9 times the average candle height from where the most recent signal locked in at candle close. Adjust these numbers to suit your preference. You can also customize the color of the take profit lines and label or turn it off if you prefer. The take profit levels will not change to an opposing signal until the opposing signal is confirmed on the candle close.

Auto Stoploss & Take Profit

The default signals are green and red arrows. The color can be adjusted in the settings or you can turn the bull or bear signals on or off if you only want entry signals for the direction of the trend.

There are volume based auto support & resistance levels that are off by default, but can be turned on in the settings. It calculates the average volume over multiple periods and gets the average of that and then looks for volume spikes that were greater than the average, multiplied by the volume spike multiplier in the settings. If set to 3, then the volume spike will need to be 3 times or higher than the average volume bar for a level to show up. Increase or decrease this number to get more or less levels.

If volume is very low compared to normal, then a volume warning label will appear at the top of the chart letting you know that volume is very low and to trade with caution. I recommend not trading during those times though as price can whipsaw very easily.

There are also alerts that can be triggered for buy signals as well as sell signals. They are set to only send signals when the bar is confirmed so you won’t get alerts for signals that repaint while the candle is still open. You can use these alerts to send signals to your own trading bot if you choose to.

This buy sell indicator can be used on any market with price data such as stocks, crypto, forex and futures .

This buy sell indicator can be used on any timeframe.

We recommend pairing this Buy Sell Indicator with our Buy Sell Signal Scanner so you can check other timeframes and trade with the trend or use the scanner to look at other markets that move together or opposite of the ticker you are trading for extra confirmation of direction.

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