Line & Label RGB Color Editor [DW]

This script is a template designed to provide developers with UI color customization for v4 lines and labels.

The color pallete used within this script is a full spectrum "web safe" format with 216 colors to choose from.

Colors are easily modified via the RGB inputs. The designated color selector function takes in the RGB values and returns the corresponding hex color.

Transparency can be modified as well. However, the function only supports constant integers for transparency value, so it has to be manually adjusted within the code.
On line 42, you'll see a variable within the color selector function named trans. This is the transparency value, which can be set to any integer from 0 to 100. I have it set to 0 by default.

I included a sample label to demonstrate how the color editor works. It also displays the hex codes for the current label and text colors for some additional reference.

Implementing this in your own script is pretty straightforward.
All you need to do is copy the color selector function and inputs (feel free to name them whatever you want) into your desired script. Then, you can use them to declare your color variables.
Release Notes: Updates:
-> Added a sample line for additional demonstration.
-> Reorganized script structure.
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Thanks :)
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PSA: Pine Script now finally supports color inputs!

Using the new color inputs, you can control your object colors and transparency directly from the settings UI without the use of this Color Selector Function.

Instead, you can simply set your own custom color using the standard input() function. The input accepts hex (i.e. #ff00ff, etc) or built-in color variables (i.e. color.fuchsia, etc).

If you still wish to use this script for the novelty of it, feel free to do so. However, it's now much more efficient, effective, and easy to use the new input colors for general purposes.
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