Auto-Line With Drift

A variation on the Auto-Line indicator, we allow it to get closer to the price thanks to a drift, this also allow the line to be more directional .

This indicator can be used with moving averages using crosses as signals or as a band indicator by ploting a + dev as the upper band and a - dev as the lower one.

For any help or suggestions feel free to send a message :)

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You can also check out some of the indicators I made for luxalgo :


This is really cool, I love seeing new ideas like this. very creative and innovative
+1 Svara
alexgrover jaggedsoft
@jaggedsoft, thanks for your support, i will try my best to make even more creative indicators :)
+1 Svara
Appreciated your generous and efforts =D
+1 Svara
@ICEKI, thanks for your support, you are here since my firsts indicators, its nice to have a loyal follower :)
ICEKI alexgrover
@alexgrover, You are very welcome Alexgrover, I love all your creation, please keep it up, wish you can create another amazing system in future! =D
+1 Svara
Your work on filters is very impressive albeit above my level of detailed understanding. Many thanks for the information.
If I may please ask a very naive Q which I believe to be related to filters ?
I am trying to filter out so called whipsaw trades where the indicator whipsaws about a sma of the indicator. I have tried to do this by counting the number of bars between up crossings and down crossings using the bars since function. I'm not having much success by this means and my online searches suggest that I am not alone. The issue appears to be the absence of an array feature in pine script.
I will of course try your code for Auto Line Drift. I may well be way off at a tangent in my assumption that this feature will solve my problems and would appreciate any suggestions you might have for an appropriate filter to eliminate (reduce) small whipsaw trades.
your help would be very much appreciated. thank you. hillab
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