Custom Time Frame (CTF)

This indicator allows users to create their own arbitrary time frames for chart analysis. It features a moving average, providing an additional layer of analysis, and offers flexibility through various open settings.

In terms of user settings and usage, the indicator provides several options. Users can choose their interval style, opting for either tick-based or time-based intervals. This flexibility allows for a more granular approach to data analysis, catering to different trading strategies and preferences. The number of ticks or the amount of time for each candle can be adjusted, enabling traders to set the granularity of the data to their liking. Color settings are also customizable, with options for setting colors for bullish and bearish indicators, adding a visual dimension to the analysis.

The average line parameters are an important aspect of this indicator. Users can adjust the length, ripple, type, color, and line width of the average line. The ripple setting, in particular, impacts the smoothness of the filter. With type II setting, the smoothing is increased, making it suitable for traders who prefer a more smoothed out moving average. Conversely, the type I setting decreases the smoothing, which might be preferred by those who want a more responsive indicator.

The use of the Chebyshev filter is a significant feature of this indicator. This filter is chosen for its high-performance smoothing capabilities with minimal data requirements. This ensures that the moving average appears quickly and accurately, which is crucial in real-time chart analysis. An important point to note is that when the moving average is enabled, it decreases the maximum number of candles that can be displayed on the chart. However, this is offset by the enhanced analytical precision provided by the moving average.

In summary, this indicator is especially beneficial for traders without access to premium accounts. It offers the capability to create low or custom time frame charts. The flexibility in settings, coupled with the inclusion of a Chebyshev filter for the moving average, makes it a versatile and valuable tool for detailed market analysis. It caters to a wide range of trading styles and strategies, making it a useful addition to any trader's toolkit.
Fixed the ma so that it starts instantly.

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