The giants of crypto

Explore the list below, it features the cryptocurrencies with the largest market cap. These are so big they can even influence other cryptocurrencies, so it's crucial to keep an eye on them.
Förändring %
Circ supply
BTCBitcoin11.324 T USD67211.90 USD+1.42%24.394 B USD19.7 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
ETHEthereum2375.455 B USD3125.61 USD+3.43%12.585 B USD120.122 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
USDTTether3111.362 B USD1.00024 USD+0.01%49.428 B USD111.335 BStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins
BNBBNB485.672 B USD580.49 USD+0.76%1.436 B USD147.586 MSmart contract platforms, Centralized-exchange, SEC security token, Layer 1
SOLSolana578.737 B USD175.44 USD+4.67%2.705 B USD448.796 MSmart contract platforms, SEC security token, Layer 1
USDCUSD Coin633.43 B USD1.00009 USD+0.02%5.479 B USD33.427 BStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins
STETHLido Staked ETH13929.204 B USD3120.64894155 USD+3.32%84.271 M USD9.358 MDerivatives, DeFi
XRPXRP729.005 B USD0.5246 USD+1.20%777.746 M USD55.289 BCryptocurrencies, Enterprise solutions, Layer 1
TONToncoin922.513 B USD6.48 USD−2.85%320.993 M USD3.474 BSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
DOGEDogecoin822.436 B USD0.15544 USD+2.09%1.015 B USD144.338 BMemes, Cryptocurrencies, Layer 1
ADACardano1017.124 B USD0.48 USD0.00%336.798 M USD35.676 BSmart contract platforms, SEC security token, Layer 1
SHIBShiba Inu1114.769 B USD0.000025063 USD+1.36%404.75 M USD589.272 TMemes, Cryptocurrencies
AVAXAvalanche1214.279 B USD37.33 USD+2.19%398.084 M USD382.505 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
TRXTRON1310.887 B USD0.1245 USD+0.24%246.041 M USD87.448 BSmart contract platforms, Payments, SEC security token, Layer 1
WBTCWrapped Bitcoin14010.439 B USD67130.65007995 USD+1.33%210.234 M USD155.497 KWrapped Tokens, Cryptocurrencies
DOTPolkadot1410.337 B USD7.189 USD−0.51%176.455 M USD1.438 BSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
BCHBitcoin Cash159.604 B USD487.31 USD+4.41%492.669 M USD19.707 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
LINKChainlink169.581 B USD16.32 USD−1.33%712.834 M USD587.1 MOracles, Data management & AI, Web3
NEARNEAR Protocol178.667 B USD8.027928568 USD−2.47%514.479 M USD1.08 BSmart contract platforms, Data management & AI, Interoperability, SEC security token, Layer 1
MATICPolygon187.112 B USD0.7179 USD+1.76%243.062 M USD9.907 BScaling, SEC security token
LTCLitecoin196.293 B USD84.42 USD+1.83%306.622 M USD74.543 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
ICPInternet Computer206.191 B USD13.34 USD+4.30%109.784 M USD464.063 MPrivacy, Smart contract platforms, Distributed computing & Storage, NFTs & Collectibles, Lending & Borrowing, Interoperability, Payments, DeFi, DAO, SEC security token, Layer 1
LEOUNUS SED LEO215.402 B USD5.83106098 USD−1.18%1.624 M USD926.408 MCentralized-exchange, Payments
DAIDai225.35 B USD1.00043 USD+0.08%535.258 M USD5.348 BStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins, DeFi
UNIUniswap234.583 B USD7.651834022 USD+3.77%106.755 M USD598.93 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi, DAO
PEPEPepe254.251 B USD0.000010105026 USD+1.76%870.321 M USD420.69 TMemes
ETCEthereum Classic244.25 B USD28.88894390 USD+2.39%234.262 M USD147.108 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
HBARHedera264.096 B USD0.11458474 USD−2.58%95.455 M USD35.749 BSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions, Layer 1
RNDRRender Token273.916 B USD10.074974327 USD+0.54%259.872 M USD388.643 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Metaverse, Web3
APTAptos283.757 B USD8.645482081 USD+1.64%107.756 M USD434.533 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
WEETHWrapped eETH1413.654 B USD3241.86088151 USD+3.40%28.276 M USD1.127 MWrapped Tokens, DeFi
IMXImmutable X293.581 B USD2.415939233 USD−1.33%69.923 M USD1.482 BDevelopments tools, Gaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Scaling, Marketplace
FDUSDFirst Digital USD303.553 B USD0.99946744 USD−0.02%4.653 B USD3.555 BStablecoins
ATOMCosmos313.393 B USD8.679775121 USD+0.99%122.035 M USD390.931 MSmart contract platforms, Interoperability, SEC security token, Layer 1
CROCronos323.351 B USD0.126105890 USD+2.09%10.438 M USD26.572 BSmart contract platforms, Centralized-exchange, Payments, Layer 1
FILFilecoin333.288 B USD5.944909471 USD+1.51%140.058 M USD553.084 MDistributed computing & Storage, Web3, SEC security token
MNTMantle343.238 B USD0.99179249 USD+0.26%77.703 M USD3.264 BScaling, DeFi, DAO
XLMStellar353.164 B USD0.109249408 USD+1.58%52.97 M USD28.96 BCryptocurrencies, Smart contract platforms, Layer 1
ARArweave363.104 B USD47.41654378 USD−1.86%120.421 M USD65.454 MDistributed computing & Storage, Web3
STXStacks373.093 B USD2.118356143 USD+3.22%171.985 M USD1.46 BSmart contract platforms, NFTs & Collectibles, DeFi, Metaverse, Web3
OKBOKB383.012 B USD50.20061241 USD+1.59%4.067 M USD60 MCentralized-exchange, Layer 1
GRTThe Graph392.989 B USD0.315198281 USD+1.29%141.606 M USD9.484 BData management & AI, Enterprise solutions, Web3
KASKaspa402.921 B USD0.12341861 USD+2.20%22.318 M USD23.667 BCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
WBETHWrapped Beacon ETH1422.909 B USD3244.91 USD+3.43%2.119 M USD896.471 KDerivatives
OPOptimism412.825 B USD2.59880927 USD+3.66%293.265 M USD1.087 BScaling
WIFdogwifhat422.817 B USD2.82019924 USD−0.50%486.334 M USD998.906 MMemes
ARBArbitrum432.73 B USD1.028701068 USD+2.22%428.401 M USD2.654 BScaling, Web3, DAO
MKRMaker442.644 B USD2857.015907764 USD+5.71%98.856 M USD925.426 KLending & Borrowing, DeFi, DAO
TAOBittensor462.622 B USD386.79616151 USD+2.14%26.857 M USD6.778 MDistributed computing & Storage, Oracles, Data management & AI, DAO
VETVeChain452.615 B USD0.035961990 USD+0.11%48.573 M USD72.715 BSmart contract platforms, Internet of things, Logistics, Layer 1
SUISui472.529 B USD1.081027748 USD+2.86%195.597 M USD2.339 BSmart contract platforms, Developments tools, Scaling, Layer 1
XMRMonero482.517 B USD136.49574126 USD+1.10%38.857 M USD18.438 MPrivacy, Cryptocurrencies, Layer 1
FTMFantom492.429 B USD0.86650531 USD+7.49%476.249 M USD2.804 BSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions, Layer 1
USDEEthena USDe1432.419 B USD1.0010 USD+0.06%246.464 M USD2.417 BStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins
INJInjective502.346 B USD25.118566950 USD+2.73%64.398 M USD93.4 MSmart contract platforms, Data management & AI, Interoperability, DeFi, Web3, Layer 1
RUNETHORChain512.285 B USD6.83125517 USD−1.06%244.865 M USD334.548 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi, Layer 1
THETATheta Network522.23 B USD2.23035488 USD+0.47%27.754 M USD1 BSmart contract platforms, Distributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Enterprise solutions, Social, media & Content, Web3, Layer 1
FLOKIFloki Inu542.008 B USD0.0002100966 USD+1.53%293.123 M USD9.557 TMemes, Gaming, Metaverse
FETFetch.ai531.989 B USD2.34532556 USD+3.96%231.71 M USD848.194 MData management & AI, Interoperability, Layer 1
BITBitDAO1441.854 B USD1.0058 USD+1.29%289.067 K USD1.844 BDAO
JUPJupiter551.754 B USD1.29951029 USD+6.93%238.82 M USD1.35 BDecentralized exchange, Derivatives, Interoperability, DeFi
TIACelestia561.75 B USD9.60176870 USD+5.51%110.102 M USD182.249 M
CORECore571.679 B USD1.89048099 USD+3.30%71.127 M USD888.393 MScaling, Web3, DAO
SEISei581.643 B USD0.561825798 USD+0.45%91.599 M USD2.925 BDevelopments tools, Layer 1
LDOLido DAO591.607 B USD1.80136647 USD+1.77%132.179 M USD892.32 MDerivatives, DeFi, DAO
BONKBonk601.584 B USD0.0000248204 USD+3.58%202.69 M USD63.823 TMemes
BGBBitget Token611.534 B USD1.09568032 USD−0.08%47.442 M USD1.4 BCentralized-exchange
ALGOAlgorand621.52 B USD0.186311578 USD+4.26%53.492 M USD8.157 BSmart contract platforms, SEC security token, Layer 1
GALAGala631.422 B USD0.04684036 USD+5.78%167.549 M USD30.349 BGaming, NFTs & Collectibles
AKTAkash Network651.404 B USD5.91930589 USD+2.55%42.049 M USD237.164 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Web3
ONDOOndo641.399 B USD1.00681558 USD+7.12%321.972 M USD1.39 B
ZBUZEEBU1451.398 B USD4.23899 USD+0.17%25.363 M USD329.708 MLoyalty & Rewards
FLOWFlow661.352 B USD0.896749699 USD+2.03%32.27 M USD1.508 BSmart contract platforms, NFTs & Collectibles, Sports, SEC security token, Layer 1
AAVEAave671.332 B USD89.891058771 USD+3.19%58.81 M USD14.815 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi, DAO
BSVBitcoin SV681.301 B USD66.047112053 USD+2.79%42.094 M USD19.703 MCryptocurrencies, Scaling
AGIXSingularityNET691.252 B USD0.97626 USD+3.68%101.417 M USD1.282 BData management & AI, Payments, Marketplace
BEAMBeam701.23 B USD0.02486520 USD+1.45%20.807 M USD49.466 BGaming
QNTQuant711.2 B USD99.35726181 USD+5.01%15.17 M USD12.073 MInteroperability
ENAEthena731.185 B USD0.77943825 USD+10.34%311.26 M USD1.52 BDeFi
BTTBitTorrent-New721.176 B USD0.0000012146 USD+1.39%19.388 M USD968.246 TDistributed computing & Storage, Web3, SEC security token
FLRFLARE741.165 B USD0.028662 USD+4.23%9.934 M USD40.657 BDevelopments tools, Interoperability, Layer 1
NEONeo751.113 B USD15.7754 USD+1.78%32.049 M USD70.539 MSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions
EGLDMultiversX761.101 B USD40.834984955 USD+1.27%20.383 M USD26.951 MSmart contract platforms, Gaming, Distributed computing & Storage, Identity, Scaling, Enterprise solutions, Payments, Loyalty & Rewards, DeFi, Metaverse, Web3, Layer 1
AXSAxie Infinity771.083 B USD7.482797489 USD+2.57%37.898 M USD144.735 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, SEC security token
CHZChiliz781.08 B USD0.121525971 USD+2.33%59.118 M USD8.888 BLoyalty & Rewards, Sports, SEC security token, Layer 1
WLDWorldcoin791.069 B USD4.98760128 USD+2.31%265.935 M USD214.408 MPrivacy, Identity
MSOLMarinade Staked SOL1461.062 B USD208.16197005 USD+4.93%14.8 M USD5.103 MDerivatives, DeFi
CHEELCheelee1471.031 B USD19.14951 USD+1.37%6.131 M USD53.838 M
SANDThe Sandbox801.015 B USD0.448142317 USD+1.41%57.026 M USD2.266 BGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, Marketplace, SEC security token
WWWormhole811.015 B USD0.56392347 USD+3.09%56.09 M USD1.8 BNFTs & Collectibles, Interoperability, DeFi, Web3, DAO