Jordbruksvaror / Fräsning

Företag i Sri Lanka companies operating in one industry: jordbruksvaror / fräsning

The list below has Företag i Sri Lanka that operate under the same industry, jordbruksvaror / fräsning. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry such as NAMUNUKULA PLANTATIONS PLC or those with the best price dynamics like HAPUGASTENNE PLANTATIONS PLC, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Förändring %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analytisk bedömning
BIL.N0000BROWNS INVESTMENTS PLC90.529 B LKR6.2 LKR−1.59%2.472 M0.395.501.13 LKR0.00%Process Industries
MAL.X0000MALWATTE VALLEY PLANTATIONS PLC12.897 B LKR36.0 LKR0.00%1 K1.62−0.13 LKR−101.14%0.44%Process Industries
MAL.N0000MALWATTE VALLEY PLANTATIONS PLC12.897 B LKR60.8 LKR+1.33%7.249 K4.18−0.13 LKR−101.14%0.27%Process Industries
GRAN.N0000CEYLON GRAIN ELEVATORS PLC10.92 B LKR182.00 LKR0.00%11.814 K0.163.4253.19 LKR+30.59%9.89%Process Industries
NAMU.N0000NAMUNUKULA PLANTATIONS PLC8.194 B LKR345.00 LKR0.00%2.984 K5.173.77%Process Industries
TAFL.N0000THREE ACRE FARMS PLC7.299 B LKR311.50 LKR+0.16%3.859 K0.422.52123.69 LKR+342.42%9.03%Process Industries
AGAL.N0000AGALAWATTE PLANTATIONS PLC5.437 B LKR35.0 LKR−2.23%9.602 K0.105.556.30 LKR−51.72%0.00%Process Industries
KVAL.N0000KELANI VALLEY PLANTATIONS PLC5.311 B LKR78.8 LKR+0.90%21.147 K0.894.5717.26 LKR−43.78%6.72%Process Industries
BFL.N0000BAIRAHA FARMS PLC3.115 B LKR178.00 LKR+0.56%5770.124.12%Process Industries
KGAL.N0000KEGALLE PLANTATIONS PLC2.85 B LKR114.00 LKR0.00%2.917 K1.47−10.92 LKR−136.36%3.07%Process Industries
BALA.N0000BALANGODA PLANTATIONS PLC2.264 B LKR48.9 LKR+2.09%9.578 K4.529.635.08 LKR−86.67%4.18%Process Industries
KAHA.N0000KAHAWATTE PLANTATIONS PLC1.819 B LKR19.0 LKR+2.15%133.925 K1.39−2.69 LKR−468.98%0.00%Process Industries
MASK.N0000MASKELIYA PLANTATIONS PLC1.802 B LKR32.5 LKR−2.11%24.732 K10.550.00%Process Industries
MADU.N0000MADULSIMA PLANTATIONS PLC1.661 B LKR10.0 LKR+1.01%5.301 K1.08−2.37 LKR−5660.44%0.00%Process Industries
HAPU.N0000HAPUGASTENNE PLANTATIONS PLC1.528 B LKR33.0 LKR+3.77%2.318 K0.790.00%Process Industries
HOPL.N0000HORANA PLANTATIONS PLC997.5 M LKR39.5 LKR0.00%78.043 K1.179.454.18 LKR−38.55%4.14%Process Industries
MCPL.N0000MAHAWELI COCONUT PLANTATIONS LIMITED983.391 M LKR28.9 LKR0.00%650.0511.702.47 LKR+60.43%5.34%Process Industries
AAGPL.N0000AGARAPATANA PLANTA7.8 LKR−1.27%13.623 K0.02Process Industries