USDT Inflow Tracker


What does this script do? It looks for important inflow from USDT and write it below or above your chart.
Does it matter? Yes because Tether with planned USDT inflow highly manipulate the crypto market.

With this simple script you can study what and when something strange is going to happen on your favourite token.

Pretty simple. It just continuosly check USDT (and USDC) Market Cap and verify if the last candle is way higher than last one. If it was way higher than expected it plot a green square and write a note with the total Inflow of USDT in the crypto market (not specifcially for your token)
Now you can see when an important inflow is done and start to plan your entry and exit strategy in the crypto market.

With Autoset you can rely on standard values
  • 5min TF : Inflow greater than of 15 mln (in 1 candle)
  • 30min TF : Inflow greater than of 150 mln (in 1 candle)
  • 60min TF : Inflow greater than of 300 mln (in 1 candle)
  • 1Day TF : Inflow greater than of 900 mln (in 1 candle)
So you can check your favourite coin in no time looking for a good trading position

Otherwise you can set directly your Inflow to track based on your needs.
In the example below I've set to check everytime an Inflow of 25mln USDT or greater was done.
As you can see it highly influence the relative token.
VER 1.1
  • Added BKX (Banks Sector) with RED and GREEN Triangle (works best with 5min chart)
  • Added DXY Reference (Yellow Dot) (only works with Daily graph)
Added USDT Dominance tracker. A Red or Green label is placed when USDT Dominance start to lose or gain moment.
What's new
  • Liquidity Swing from LuxAlgo
  • Alerts
  • FDUSD and USDC Tracker
  • BKX (Financial Sector) and Stablecoin Dominance Calls

You can enable this feature. Liquidity swing is a perfect aid for figuring out when the price could change direction.

Do you need alerts because you cannot stay forever on graphs? Just enable alerts in the configuration menu: USDT, FDUSD, USDC, StableCoin Dominance.

The best way to use alerts for USDT, FDUSD, and USDC is to enable MINT in dropdown. Configure the MINT field as you want for your preferred timeframe (often a lower timeframe for swing traders).

The best way to use alerts for StableCoin Dominance is on a higher timeframe like 1 hour or above.

Once set, just go to "Add Alert" in TradingView and choose "USDT Signal."

USDT | FDUSD and USDC Tracker

Figuring out how Stablecoin works is fundamental for crypto trading.
In the configuration menu, you can choose between three automatic levels: Moderate, Normal, Aggressive. The script will search for changes in the total market cap of USDT, FDUSD, and USDC in the mint and will plot it for you on the graphs. These three levels are for lazy boys and are based on my experience with the inflow for each one of those tokens. Usually, you will use moderate or normal in daily basis trading and analysis.

As stated above, manual mode (MINT) is useful for alert creators.

Example AutoAgressive

Example Auto Moderate
Someone asked for a better text color manegment.
Added Color Template, now you can choose between
  • Original Token Colors
  • Color Blind
  • White Background
  • Manual Mode

A small BugFix about Text Dimension
Changed text Default from Tiny to Small
  • Removed FDUSD Market Cap Calculation
  • Added VWap, White Line and maximum Extension Blue Line

VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price) is a trading benchmark that calculates the average price of a security based on both its trading volume and price over a specific time period. It's used by traders to assess execution quality and market impact. Essentially, it's the ratio of the value traded to total volume traded. Traders compare their execution prices to VWAP to evaluate performance.

BlueLines draws the range between Highest and Lowest and give you an insight where the price can go

White line it's plotted to give you an idea where price could bounce or find a resistance.

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