Moving Average Squeeze %

A new indicator for you guys to try out, it measured the squeeze % of several MA's and combines them in a super trend-% (where 0 is low squeeze and 100% is where all MA's are crossing on same price)

You can use different period lengths and enable the composite-% for display if you want to see all the data that makes up the super trend.

The indicator uses the 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 SMA .
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I sann TradingView-anda har författaren till detta skript publicerat det som öppen källkod, så att handlare kan förstå och verifiera det. Skål för författaren! Du kan använda den gratis men återanvändning av den här koden i en publikation regleras av våra Ordningsregler. Du kan göra den till favorit för att använda den i ett diagram.

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TheTrex Pollard
@Pollard, You are welcome.
Awesome work TheTrex! Very interesting indicator.
Very usefull and nice too.
@zEROEQUALtWO, Thanks for liking!
Nice. What TFs you recommend this with?
@s0ft, You can try to experiment with it on daily. Look here I use a period of 500 days to show the squeeze and the normalized price trend.
You can see the normalized trend basically bottomed and there was a huge squeeze that made it push the normalized trend up calling for a new uptrend.
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TheTrex TheTrex
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@s0ft, Or use the normalized price to spot bottoms
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looks good bro.