Strategy Quadratic Semaphore

I add a basic strategy for the "Quadratic traffic light" indicator, it can help to find a good configuration.

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I'm trading forest with this and its not working out to bad but I don't get the -1 and -2's , can you please explain that to me ?
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does it repaint...?
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Dreadblitz RohitMamilla
@RohitMamilla, Hello how are you doing? the indicator does not repaint, once the signal is given and the bar closes, it will never change again, greetings
RohitMamilla Dreadblitz
@Dreadblitz, thanks for indicator and great work
what is the best settings to use this indicator?
I have really failed to Dowload from trading view please how do I get this source code
You make some nice indicators. Used with some common sense they're really nice! Thanks
sorry the translation is wrong, "Quadratic traffic light "is" Quadratic Semaphore "