[RS]Fibonacci Bars

shows information from past 1600 +- candles compressed into 16 were the more you look back the more candles are fitted inside.
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I am still thinking how to use it purposely; but nice work bro =D
ICEKI RicardoSantos
@RicardoSantos, Cool! it's given me some idea; thank you =D
prabhusameer RicardoSantos
@RicardoSantos, The link is not working. How to use this indicator? Appreciate any help.
how to use ?
ICEKI chitta100000
@chitta100000, Hello sir, first you must know how to read candlestick pattern, in order you know what is doji, bullish and bearish engulfing etc... I like to use in this way. The gray line is something like a trendline, you can see how the candlestick is stand above or below the gray line and if the blue line is above the candle bias the price could head to downside. Good Luck =D
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