Bitcoin DAA Oscillator

An oscillator of Bitcoin's Daily Active Addresses (DAA) and fundamental metric of the utilization of the Bitcoin network.

Helps to identify:
  • Potential buy zones (green) - when the network utilization is low & increasing
  • Potential sell zones (red) - when the network utilization is high & decreasing
Release Notes: Fixed type in input description.
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You have a typo of upperbound on the lb symbol
+2 Svara
capriole_charles MikeColfs71
Cheers @MikeColfs71, fixed!
+1 Svara
MikeColfs71 capriole_charles
@capriole_charles, no worries!! great work by the way
Top quality material
+2 Svara
capriole_charles monetae_anon
@monetae_anon, thank you!
+1 Svara
nice work charles thank you
+1 Svara
@ibasafak, cheers
+1 Svara
Great indicator!!! Thanks for the value you provide.
Hi Charles, this is great! It appears to work on lower time frames as well. But I'm guessing it is only intended to be used on daily. Is that correct? that would be helpful information for your description, going forward. Thanks for all you do! I went to your website, and I'm curious if you offer your services to small investors. I would only have somewhere in the area of 50 to 200 k to invest. I can't tell what kind of cost or percentage you would charge.
Charles delivers quality as always. adding it to my library, thank you.
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