Bollinger Bands Fibonacci Ratio Standard Deviation LINES

Hello Traders.
in this script, Bollinger bands are made based on a standard deviation with respect to Fibonacci ratios. I hope you can be satisfied. If you are satisfied with this script, please like and feel free to share your comments with me.

Teal Upper and Lower B-Bands = 1.0 Standard Deviation
Aqua Upper and Lower B-Bands = 1.618 Standard Deviation
Orange Upper and Lower B-Bands = 2.618 Standard Deviation
Red Upper and Lower B-Bands = 3.618 Standard Deviation
Purple Upper and Lower B-Bands = 4.236 Standard Deviation

you can use this indicator by clicking the button (Add to Favorite Scripts) and then add it to your chart from (Fx) section.
Release Notes: Thanks for the tip from @fareidzulkifli
, the script has been updated with new changes
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