GDAX EMA Cross[26,12]

This indicator allow to show the EMA of the price similar to GDAX user interface.
The purpose of this indicator is twice:

  • Allowing the user to show a double EMA with the possibility to show when a EMA crossing happens.
  • Showing in a more user friendly interface the GDAX ema line.

As a matter of fact is proven that those 2 EMA act as support/resistance during Bulls/Bear periods. The indicator works fine in the GDax timeframes, or rather 5m, 15m, 1h and daily excluding 3h and 6h as they're less used at the moment.
Release Notes: Some new features and correction
Release Notes: red dot for everyone!
Release Notes: Enabled the possibility to Highlight the Trend.
Choose the color you prefer for highlighting the Bars!
If the EMA12 is crossing up the EMA 26 will be considered as Uptrend otherwise will be a Downtrend.
Release Notes: small fix
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