This is the MACD of developing cpr width.

This indicates whether the market is trending or ranging.

If the indicator is upward sloping, it means the market is likely to trend.
If the indicator is upward sloping and crossed zero, it means the market is most likely in a trending mode.
Hence trades should be considered only during these phases.

If the indicator is downward sloping, it means the trend is likely fizzling out.
If the indicator is downward sloping and also below zero, it means likely ranging market.

This is a strategy on its own.

However, it is recommended to be used along with IndianPivotBossMUPS to be more effective.
Release Notes: Correction in weekly and monthly pivot macd.
Release Notes: Fine tuned inorder to optimize the performance of trading results.

Though this is published as a strategy by itself, it is best to be used in conjunction with IndianPivotBossMUPS indicator which is a trading strategy based on advanced pivotbased concepts including this one.

Please visit IndianPivotBossMUPS for more details on how to use this strategy.

Also finetuned higher time frame components.
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