The _TrendAVGZones_and_GoldenRatioMA is an indicator that is composed first of a channel made of three price averages ( base average, middle lower and middle upper ) in red is the previous corrections average and in green the previous rises average. So that way we the setting of stop loss targets and price targets can be set up at first glance. It adjusts to any timeframe so no worries 'bout that.

Also I added two exponential moving averages ( white and silver lines ) on the chart which I modified their equations by multiplying as it follows :

is the simple modification I added to fine tune it's precision and after some trials and errors I finally found a perfect spot. Now I tried it with historical data of Bitcoin and when the two Golden Ratio EMA crosses there's a big move coming imminently : if the white one is on top of the silver one the trend is bullish inversely the white one finds itself under the silver line then it needs to cross to expect a reversal.

rphi = 0.6180339887498948 = is the conjugate root of the golden ratio also called the silver ratio
phi = 1.6180339887498948 = golden ratio

It should be used to find short to mid term price targets selling as well as buying ones. If you're a long term trader I suggest using trend lines analysis in combination with it.

I hope to make this indicator a community owned indicator so don't hesitate to perfect it so we can build the best tool traders can hope for ! Together we will no longer ask wen lambo? we will get it!

IF you've got any question you can always DM me

take care of yourselves you future millionaires :D


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