Simple Hull MA

A simple code to plot Hull MA with colour coding of plot fill and price bars based on strength.
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Does it repaint?
+1 Svara
@Mriruvie, Doesn't repaint as it doesnt use security function or any other aspect that enables repainting. Safe to use but wait for bar close for confirmation. You can do bar replays and check if the plots stay in the same time stamps to check if a script repaints. All the best.
very nice
Hi - For your Hull MA indicator, how do i set up an alert based on this HullMA indicator? I would like to buy when it turns green, and sell when it turns red, but i need a crossing value (e.g., 0), to use as the test in 3commas. What is the output value of this HullMA indicator when it is red, and when it is green? negative, and positive?