Bearish Candles

Plots 6 different kinds of bearish candlesticks . I started with HPotter's previous work, added 4 other types of bearish Candlesticks and bunched them in one indicator.
Release Notes: I made the definitions more robust.
Release Notes:
  • Improved identification patterns.
  • Markers can be used to identify patterns instead of bar coloring.
  • Descriptive text can be added to the markers.
  • Doji and Hammers can also be identified.
Keep in mind that Dark Cloud Cover, Evening Star and Hanging Man are only identified on the second bar following them and printed with an offset of -1 (which means back in time 1 bar), so you only know one has been identified after the fact.
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Hi boss your indicator is very powerful, but can you tell me how i put alerts on it
LucF hossamalrashedy
@hossamalrashedy, You should be able to create an alert from the indicator by using ALT-A to bring the "Create Alert" dialog box up, selecting the indicator and then one of its values, with "Crossing up" zero as a condition.
@LucF, i need make alerts about when the brown candelstick appears
Very cool!