Ehlers 2 Pole Butterworth Filter V2 [CC]

The 2 Pole Butterworth Filter was created by John Ehlers (Cycle Analytics For Traders pg 32) and this is an updated version of his original 2 pole Butterworth Filter script that seems to follow the price even closer. Buy when the indicator line turns green and sell when it turns red.

Let me know if there are other scripts you would like to see me publish or if you want something custom done!
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Hi Cheatcountry, thanks for your work. Can i ask you?
In Ehlers' "Cycle Analytics ..." I read:
Output = c1 * Input - c2 * Output - c3 * Output
In your code:
bf: = (c1 * src) + (c2 * nz (bf )) + (c3 * nz (bf ))
A plus! Why?
Or am I missing something?
@AndreiFX, That was one of many errors in the book. If you use a minus sign instead then you would get a negative infinite number at some point which is obviously incorrect
AndreiFX cheatcountry
@cheatcountry, Thanks for the quick response )
@AndreiFX, np let me know if you have any other questions
Very cool indicator, i like the visual and it's simplicity. Looks like indicator might work well with trending market, but when market starts to move sideways, that is something i am thinking about now.
Overall, thanks for sharing this, it's awesome.
@dman103, I'm glad you like it
dman103 cheatcountry
@cheatcountry, By the way, what are the Yellow dots on the sample chart here? I don't see it in the indicator.
@dman103, apparently that is a built in pinescript function that advertises other indicators I have published. I have no clue how to disable it by default
Hi Cheatcountry, amazing stuff. One question can this be applied to Forex? And since I am a rookie at this care to elaborate on how I can install this.
@Prime117, Yes this can be applied to any financial data
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