Market Internals Candles AIO

This indicator provides top down review of all major market internals for NYSE (currently).

ADD - stocks price advancing or declining against prior days range
VOLD - stocks volume in advancing or declining
TRIN - momentum in the market, somewhat of a "macd" for the broad market
TICK - miniscule price fluctuations by tick measurements, up ticks vs down ticks

Each internal has been converted to a % based format in order to have them all on the same scale, otherwise this indicator couldn't exist and be useful.

Customization allows for toggling metrics information that displays ratio data, can also add % measurement in when not using price scale values.

User can also enjoy simplicity of adding built in SMAs and adjusting lengths for individual internals.

Color management is built in also, with transparency support and toggling internals off will automatically hide SMAs and metrics data.

Usage of the internals is nuanced but in general a trend assessment could be derived from this display for credit selling or directional bias, my other indicator MIT would be better for scalping utilizing the TICK histogram.

When ADD and VOLD are reading over 50% that's a strong buy trend, -50% would be a strong selling trend.

Use TRIN to see when there's a potential for overbought or oversold given price and volume broad market readings, TRIN isn't to be trusted in isolation and other information should be considered.

TICK is most useful for fading in a balanced market, or joining a trend with a TICK pullback (buy negative %s when up trending, or sell positive %s when down trending).

I hope you find this comprehensive display useful in your trading journey and don't forget to check out some of my other market internals indicators.

@tradeseekers (YouTube, Twitter)
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