6X Bollinger Bands + MA + VWAP Dingue V5

6X Bollinger Bands Dingue V5 - This is the updated version for Pine Script 5

This indicator lets you quickly see all the intricacies of the Bollinger Bands ; it simplifies its usage and maximizes the results.

Color-coded if the price is above or under the middle and based on direction.
Color-coded for expansion and contraction of the bands.

Option to plot ‘Squeezed bands’. It will show above the bands when they become smaller than the setting chosen. This helps identify build-up that might explode one way or another.

- 6x independent Bands can be adjusted as you want. It gives you possibilities in how you see variance, trends, support and resistance .

You can also select the MA type: SMA EMA WMA VWAM FRAMA … to explore new ways to see the Bollinger bands .

New in this version, you can now add a separate ‘Long MA’ that you can select independently from the Bands. Ex. Plot 200 SMA This helps in building a strategy with the trend and the bands.

Like the MA above, you can also plot 2 different VWAP independently from the Bands. This also helps knowing where the price stands compared to the bigger time frame VWAP’s price.

'Tool tips' explain other settings, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Thank you for the feedback and check all my ‘Dingue’ indicators.

The key to trading is in how you manage your risk. Don't focus on the entry, but on the ride.
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