Stochastic Optimized Trend Tracker *Strategy*

Stochastic OTT is Anıl Özekşi's latest derived version of Optimized Trend Tracker on Stochastic Oscillator.

He tried to solve the fake signals of Stochastic Oscillator by adopting OTT on the indicator.

He advised users to set the stochastic smoothing parameters to 500 and 200 on his latest video about SOTT.
He personally uses 1 min charts on stock market so the parameters of the indicator might have to be optimized for other time frames nad markets.
He exaggerated the Stochastic to 1000's to have better signals of percent values of OTT .
Also hes used VIDYA in both calculations of OTT and Stochastic smoothing.

Said, Kıvanç Özbilgiç.

I just made a Strategy version of the script so that we lads can backtest it. The codes for that are yet again from Kıvanç Özbilgiç :) I just copy-pasted a few and did some adjustments. Hope you enjoy!

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lucidreamer15 rlone9440
@rlone9440, yay!
Great work in making this strategy Sir.
I will run it on a couple of different timeframes to see how well it works for me, Thank you!
Wunderbit yada 3commas bağlayabilmek için alarmlar sekmesine Al/Sat komutu ekleyebilirmiyiz?
artun artun
@artun, ekleyebilirmiyiz???
@artun, alarm var hocam.
@artun, hocam pardon... stratejiye alarm olmuyor burada backtest ve optimizasyon yapıp Kıvanç hocanın paylaştığı (study) versiyonda alarm kurabilirsiniz.
artun lucidreamer15
@lucidreamer15, Teşekkür ederim.
Looks interesting. Taking another look into it might prove beneficial. Thanks for the inspiration!