DRC's Force Index

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Version 1.2 Update:

  • No need for scaling up/down anymore
  • No need for setting up so many parameters
  • Ability to mix instantaneous indicator with averaged indicator (its different from just making a moving average)
  • Mass obtention has been improved
  • Velocity calculation has been improved, by considering highs and lows
  • Acceleration calculation has been simplified
Version 1.3 update:

  • Hability to calculate mass from current time frame, without losing the posibility of going "deeper" if user wants to.
  • There were special situations in wich force index could take an "na" value. This has been prevented and corrected.
  • Default settings have been adjusted for faster response of Force Index (Blue Line) and slower response of the Signal (Orange Line)
Version 1.4 Update:

  • Mass gathering process has been made even more efficient
  • Ability to get mass from lower timeframes has been kept, just change the "0" value for any other value in minutes and this feauture will be turned on
  • Inertia coloring has been changed, in order to show when it's value is greater (violet)/lesser(aqua) than the force
  • Signal calculation process has been changed, in order to get smoother results and lesser false signals
Mass gathering process has been updated and made more accurate.
  • Removed input field for MTF
  • Formating of the hlines has been made easier and symetric.
Version 1.7 update:

  • Indicator can now run on monthly charts: Retrieving volume from lower timeframes doesn't work for monthly charts, though. The script would need to obtain number of days in current month to do that, and I haven't figured out how.
  • Configuration dialog has been re-organized and names of lines have been harmonized with my Reversal Channel script (DRC)
  • "transp" function has been deleted from all colour settings, since it will not be supported any time soon.
  • Code for volume retrieving has been made less redundant.
  • Code's readability has been enhanced
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