Ehlers Fisher Transform Indicator [CC]

The Fisher Transform Indicator was created by John Ehlers and the beauty of this indicator is that it provides sharp and clear turning points that are also very early. Buy when the indicator line is green and sell when it is red.

This was a special request so let me know if you would like me to publish other scripts or if you want something custom done!
Release Notes: fixed issue with default resolution
Open-source script

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I compared this FT with others, it seems have more lag. I think the function avoid repaint is the cause.
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wow thanks you
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cheatcountry skmahto11
@skmahto11, your welcome
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Is this similar to Fisher RSI from Page 101 of the Cybernetic Analysis book?
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cheatcountry dhman2012
@dhman2012, similar but definitely not the same
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dhman2012 cheatcountry
@cheatcountry, Gotcha. Are you planning on working on that in the future? He seems to be very high on that in the book. BTW, this seems to provide really good signal at 34 length on Daily TF. Really good work with this. Thank you for putting this together.
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I'm Trying to get the Fisher Transform Indicator
on my Trade Station Platform ?? :-)
How to download it?
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