Dividing 2 symbols

Hello Traders

This indicator is used to divide two assets between them. Why you would ask ?
For instance, in crypto trading, traders often look at the ratio Longs/Shorts or Shorts/Longs to figure out which side is leading the market and use this information as a powerful hedge for their next trade

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Hello Daveatt,
How can I add RSI indicator to this dividing 2 symbols combination? The reason is that I would like to see the relative strengh indication of these 2 symbols combination.
Thanks a lot.

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Daveatt dle7319
@dle7319, not sure if it will work with the option "Add indicator on ..."
This will require some pinescripting like this

study(title="Dividing 2 RSI", shorttitle="Dividing 2 RSI", overlay=false)

i_a = input(defval=14, type=input.integer, title="RSI 1")
i_b = input(defval=7, type=input.integer, title="RSI 2")

symbol1 = input("MSFT", type=input.symbol title="Symbol 1")
symbol2 = input("APPL", type=input.symbol title="Symbol 2")

a = rsi(close, i_a)
b = rsi(close, i_b)

as = security(symbol1, timeframe.period,  a)
bs = security(symbol2, timeframe.period, b) 

plot(as / bs, title="DIV", color=blue) 
dle7319 Daveatt
@Daveatt, thnks a lot, Daveatt. I really appriciated it.
Thanks a lot. I was looking for such a script.
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Thanks mate, exactly what I was looking for.
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Daveatt MarkBench
@MarkBench, Glad it's helping you out :)
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