DepthHouse - ATR Bands

DepthHouse ATR Bands is a FREE INDICATOR
Similar to the well-known Bollinger Bands .
Instead of using the standard deviation formula, ATR Bands determines the size of the bands based on the adjustable average range.

IF you use this FREE Indicator:

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How to use:

The bands tighten while the markets’ range becomes lower, and widens as its' range becomes broader. Giving the indicator a loaded spring effect.
A break outside of the bands in either direction indicates a possible breakout.

All 3 bands serve as possible support and/or resistance. Meaning breaks back into the bands could indicate a reversal, or end of the breakout.

This indicator is completely customizable, so compiling multiple sized bands on top of each other may create a strong competitive edge.


This indicator was intended to be available for purchase Jan 2018.
However, with recent change of mind I have decided to make it free to use.
IF you previously subscribed. I greatly appreciate your interest and I hope you enjoy this now FREE indicator!

Once again, thank you!

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