Bear & Bull Zone Signal Strategy

Since I love to mix and match, here is something fresh and that actually works on the breakout of Ethereum without losing your ass on lagging indicators.

It blends some of the nice parts of my previous scripts while moving to big boy pants with a twist on the Fibonacci retracement using SMA and EMA at multiple levels to do a sanity check.

Is it too good to be true? Nope, just what happens when a Solution Architect starts messing around with crypto and applies engineering and mathematics to the mix. You get a strategy that really doesn't have high profit losses when you tweak it just the right way.

What's the right tweak you ask?

1. Start with a 30 minute timeframe and set your window start date to the date the market began the bear or bull run
2. Make sure you can see your strategy performance window (not the graph one)
3. Set Stop Loss and Target Profit to 50%
4. Use your mouse wheel or up and down arrows and mess around with the RSI, go down one at a time but no lower than 7. Whichever value displayed the highest long or short gain is the one to pick.
5. Now select long or short only based on whichever one shows the highest gain.
6. Now go to K and D, leave K as 3 and check what happens when D is 4 or 5. Leave D at the value that gives you the highest gain.
7. Now go to EMA Fast and Slow Lengths. Leave Fast at 5 and check what happens when the Slow is moved up to 11 or 12, do the gains go up. If not, check what happens when Slow is moved down to 9, 8, or 7. Whichever gives you the highest gain, leave it there. Now go mess with the fast length, keep in mind that fast must always be less than slow. So check values down to 3 and up to 6. Same concept, mo money...leave it be.
8. Now go mess with the Target Profit, I start at 5, hit enter, then go to 7, hit enter, then 9...up by 2 until I get to 21 to make sure I don't hastily pick a low one and always keep in mind between which values the gain switched from high to low. For example, in this example I published at 11 it was $5k and at 13 it was $3700 for the gains. So after I got up to 21 I went back to 11 and started going up by 0.01 steps until the value dropped, which was at 11.19 so I set it at 11.18.
9. Now stop loss is trickier, you've maximized the gains, which means if you set the stop loss at a low value you will sacrifice gains. Typically by this point your loss is less than 10% with this script. So, my approach is to find the value where the stop loss doesn't change what I've tweaked already. In this example, I did the same start at 5 and go up by 2 and saw that when I went to 17 it stopped changing. So I started going back down by 0.5 and saw at 15.5 the gains went lower again. Now I started going back up in steps of 0.01 and at 15.98 it went back to the high gain I already tweaked for. I kept stop loss there and unleashed the strategy on ETH.

So far so good, no bad trades and it's been behaving pretty well.

Performers follow, high performers break from convention.
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