LazyBear's Wave Trend Strategy by SDMF


This is a strategy using the Lazy Bears Wave Trend indicator which he was so nice to release for free.
I heavily modified it and added a huge amount of options for the indicator as well as for the strategy.

Unfortunately it's locked with a passcode for now so my friends can use it

The results above are nit picked for oil 15 minute chart.
using 40% of our equity per trade on 50x leverage.

these are not 100% realistic altho shouldn't be too far from the truth.

Have not tried it on crypto.

Script is in Beta version and will get upgraded plenty in the near future.
Release Notes: Name changed.

Credits to Lazy Bear for the basic Wave Trend indicator
Credits to FIBAUS Skn for the custom FibMA code. Check him out here https://www.tradingview.com/u/fibonaccia...
Release Notes: minor changes
Release Notes: removed the passcode lock so anyone can use it
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