Ichimoku ++ public v0.9


The intention of this script is to build/provide a kind of work station / work bench for analysing markets and especially Bitcoin . Another goal is to get maximum market information while maintaining a good chart overview. A chart overloaded with indicators is useless because it obscures the view of the chart as the most important indicator. The chart should be clear and market structure should be easy to see. In addition, some indicator signals can be activated to better assess the quality of signals from the past. The chart environment or the chart context is important for the quality of a signal.

The intention of this script is not to teach someone how to trade or how to use these Indicators but to provide a tool to analyse markets better and to help to draw conclusions of market behaviour in a higher quality.

A general advise:
Use the included indicators and signals in a confluent way to get stoploss, buy and sell entry points. SR clusters can be identified for use in conjunction with fractals as entry and exit pints. My other scripts can also help. Prefer 4 hours, daily and a longer time frame. There is no "Holy Grail" :).

If someone is new to trading you should learn about the indicators first. Definitely learn about Ichimoku Cloud Indicator.

Integrated indicators are:

Ichimoku Cloud and signals
Parabolic SAR and signal
ATR stop
Bollinger Bands
EMA / SMA and background color as signal
Williams Fractals and signal
Puell Multiple signal
Release Notes: Tenkan-Sen Kijun-Sen background color (TKKJ) added
Release Notes: Higher tf TKKJ cloud replaced by Kijun-Sen of the next higher tf.

Bolinger Bands ending for the next higher time frame added.

Confluence signal added for the following signals/indicators:

SMA cross,
EMA cross,
price above/below Kijun,
Tenkan-Kijun cross,
Ichikoku B1/S1,
Ichimoku B2/S2,
Parabolic SAR,
Bill Williams Fractal breakout,
MACD cross,
RSI above/below 50

Alerts for Ichimoku signals B1/S1 and B2/S2 and confluence signal CB/CS added.
Release Notes: Some Ichimoku related background color signals added

Pure Ichimoku confluence signal added

Price-Kumo mtf signal added (above/below Kumo at 4H, D, W, M time frame)
Release Notes: Some code improvements. Some Cross background-color-signals are now combined in a pulldown menu.
Release Notes: Some code improvements.
Added some built-in signals to the confluence signals CB/CS to make it less changeable/fluctuating.
CB/CS added as a permanent signal in the top right.
Release Notes: Code improvement.
Release Notes: Minor changes. Code improved
Release Notes: Built in Indicator SuperTend added (lines, signal, background color, also added to CB/CS signal)
Background color for Signals B1/B2 and B2/S2 added
Release Notes: Bug fixed
Release Notes: Williams Fractals signal changed.
Williams Fractals background color signal added.
Parabolic SAR background color signal added.

Don't forget to set "Scale Price Chart Only" (right click on the chart scale, 3rd menu item). Otherwise the chart will be squeezed unnaturally.
Release Notes: Filtered Cloud flip bg added.
Filtered Tenkan-sen cross Kijun-sen bg added.
Tenkan-sen is now visible when only Ichimoku-full is enabled.
Release Notes: Minor changes/improvements.
Supertrend "ending" added.
Release Notes: MA shift added.
2nd dot signal is now Pure Ichimoku confluence signal IB/IS (former Supertrend SB/SS).
Release Notes: Default settings changed. IB/IS is now default signal and the 2nd dot is now signal B1/S1.
Alerts added for:
Fractals fb/fs
Parabolic SAR pb/ps
SuperTrend SB/SS

Because of output limitations you have to comment out some other outputs to use the alerts.
Release Notes: Some minor changes.
Commented out the ATR stop to make IB/IS signal alert available. I didn't find a way to reduce amount of outputs to make more alerts available. All remaining signals and outputs are very useful.

To have a kind of variable optimization with genetic algorithms similar to Metatrader mt4/mt5 would be very helpful to optimize CB/CS signal. I dare to hope for the far future... :)
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thanks amazing work
+2 Svara
Is there any way possible you can set alerts on the triangles? I just checked and those would be perfect for binaries. On 1 min chart for today, it was 81-82%. That would be awesome.
ramsay09 paranormalrob
@paranormalrob, If you mean the Bill Williams Fractals (white triangles) then these Fractals Alerts are now available.


In the notes I see "Because of output limitations you have to comment out some other outputs to use the alerts."

How do I do that? I know very little about coding.
ramsay09 paranormalrob
@paranormalrob, delete "//" bevor the alterts you want to use and add "//" in front of an output codeline for e. g. plotshape() or bgcolor(). I have an idea of how to reduce amount of outputs to make alerts generally available. Maybe in a few days... if that works.

When you have a min, can you just show an example on the fractal alerts? It shows an error when I do it, so I'm obviously clueless lol
also if this works as good as I think it will, I'll be sending crypto soon.
ramsay09 paranormalrob
@paranormalrob, nice to read... :). Alerts generally work (tested on the 1m chart). Better wait until weekend and I'll probably update the script. But until then, you can add "//" in Codeline 585 and 586 and delete "//" in Codeline 604 and 605. This works, but the 1st and 2nd point signals will not be displayed. Don't forget to set "Plot Fractal signal fb/fs".

Thanks. They still weren't showing at first, then I looked at Inputs and I also needed to select the fractals box. And Now I have 2 alerts for it, so here we go. I calculated on 1 min chart for 12 hours yesterday and 186 were wins, 44 were losses, once per bar close. So here we go-I'll update you later on what happens.

I may have to wait until you work on it later. The alerts aren't working at all.
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