Most actively traded Aktier från Sri Lanka

The most active Aktier från Sri Lanka in the market can be found below. Companies are sorted by daily volume and supplied with other stats to help you find out why they are so popular right now.
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Förändring %
Rel Volume
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Analytisk bedömning
BIL.N0000BROWNS INVESTMENTS PLC233.89 M LKR6.1 LKR+5.17%38.343 M3.8181.907 B LKR5.601.09 LKR−49.23%0.00%Process Industries
LOFC.N0000LOLC FINANCE PLC143.394 M LKR7.0 LKR−2.78%20.485 M1.56231.554 B LKR11.030.63 LKR−22.07%0.00%Finance
AGST.N0000AGSTAR PLC82.647 M LKR8.2 LKR+5.13%10.079 M30.093.717 B LKR8.560.96 LKR−62.73%0.00%Process Industries
CALT.N0000CAPITAL ALLIANCE PLC52.476 M LKR62.9 LKR−1.26%834.279 K0.5920.984 B LKR1.4643.06 LKR+807.58%14.19%Finance
SAMP.N0000SAMPATH BANK PLC30.59 M LKR78.0 LKR+0.13%392.174 K0.2891.236 B LKR5.0815.35 LKR4.33%Finance
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CIND.N0000CENTRAL INDUSTRIES PLC28.284 M LKR126.25 LKR+3.48%224.029 K0.962.946 B LKR4.8126.23 LKR+33.47%2.39%Producer Manufacturing
HAYL.N0000HAYLEYS PLC28.265 M LKR84.0 LKR+3.70%336.493 K1.0360.825 B LKR15.845.30 LKR−82.94%6.60%Producer Manufacturing
EDEN.N0000EDEN HOTEL LANKA PLC27.136 M LKR15.3 LKR+4.79%1.774 M1.9723.126 B LKR−5.08 LKR+31.47%0.00%Consumer Services
LMF.N0000LANKA MILK FOODS (CWE) PLC27.083 M LKR31.6 LKR0.00%857.056 K0.3712.639 B LKR6.424.92 LKR+96.58%1.99%Consumer Non-Durables
WATA.N0000WATAWALA PLANTATIONS PLC24.72 M LKR90.3 LKR+3.20%273.755 K3.0517.83 B LKR9.349.67 LKR−42.01%13.68%Consumer Non-Durables
ABL.N0000AMANA BANK PLC22.66 M LKR2.5 LKR0.00%9.064 M3.6813.227 B LKR5.510.45 LKR0.00%Finance
STAF.N0000DOLPHIN HOTELS PLC22.629 M LKR38.8 LKR+3.47%583.229 K1.962.365 B LKR25.411.53 LKR0.00%Consumer Services
GRAN.N0000CEYLON GRAIN ELEVATORS PLC22.187 M LKR181.50 LKR+1.40%122.241 K1.4310.695 B LKR10.10%Process Industries
COMB.N0000COMMERCIAL BANK OF CEYLON PLC21.843 M LKR105.75 LKR−0.47%206.553 K0.22140.578 B LKR6.6615.89 LKR0.00%Finance
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LOLC.N0000LOLC HOLDINGS PLC21.306 M LKR435.00 LKR+0.23%48.979 K0.36206.237 B LKR6.7764.21 LKR−51.97%0.00%Finance
KOTA.N0000KOTAGALA PLANTATIONS PLC20.981 M LKR6.4 LKR+6.67%3.278 M5.392.031 B LKR6.450.99 LKR−43.28%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
KCAB.N0000KELANI CABLES PLC14.951 M LKR325.00 LKR+3.34%46.003 K1.636.829 B LKR3.3796.38 LKR−31.32%2.08%Producer Manufacturing
JKH.N0000JOHN KEELLS HOLDINGS PLC13.776 M LKR204.75 LKR−0.12%67.282 K0.22284.554 B LKR39.475.19 LKR−72.12%0.73%Retail Trade
BRWN.N0000BROWN & COMPANY PLC12.934 M LKR116.50 LKR+2.19%111.022 K4.1423.867 B LKR4.8224.15 LKR−67.74%0.00%Distribution Services
CIC.N0000CIC HOLDINGS PLC12.002 M LKR75.0 LKR+0.13%160.026 K1.2226.235 B LKR2.8726.10 LKR+30.20%3.37%Producer Manufacturing
SUN.N0000SUNSHINE HOLDINGS PLC11.702 M LKR59.8 LKR+4.36%195.679 K1.1128.19 B LKR7.328.17 LKR+25.78%3.75%Retail Trade
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LGIL.N0000LOLC GENERAL INSURANCE PLC11.499 M LKR6.8 LKR+3.03%1.691 M3.49Finance
LCBF.N0000LANKA CREDIT AND BUSINESS FINANCE PLC9.548 M LKR2.8 LKR−3.45%3.41 M1.252.133 B LKR15.690.18 LKR+8.25%0.00%Finance
HNB.N0000HATTON NATIONAL BANK PLC9.461 M LKR190.00 LKR−0.26%49.796 K0.07103.562 B LKR4.6640.77 LKR0.00%Finance
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LIOC.N0000LANKA IOC PLC9.238 M LKR126.00 LKR−0.59%73.32 K0.1167.091 B LKR3.17%Distribution Services
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HHL.N0000HEMAS HOLDINGS PLC9.172 M LKR82.0 LKR−0.97%111.859 K0.2249.225 B LKR8.769.36 LKR+30.64%2.85%Health Services
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SCAP.N0000SOFTLOGIC CAPITAL PLC7.96 M LKR6.9 LKR−1.43%1.154 M0.716.84 B LKR−2.66 LKR−76.32%0.00%Finance
CFVF.N0000FIRST CAPITAL HOLDINGS PLC7.873 M LKR28.7 LKR−1.03%274.318 K0.4111.704 B LKR1.2722.62 LKR+719.24%50.17%Miscellaneous
ELPL.N0000ELPITIYA PLANTATIONS PLC7.091 M LKR113.00 LKR+0.22%62.756 K1.658.216 B LKR6.0318.73 LKR−36.20%16.85%Non-Energy Minerals
DFCC.N0000DFCC BANK6.766 M LKR79.0 LKR0.00%85.65 K0.3434.007 B LKR3.9919.80 LKR3.63%Finance
LLUB.N0000CHEVRON LUBRICANTS LANKA PLC6.501 M LKR114.75 LKR+0.66%56.657 K0.4427.42 B LKR12.25%Energy Minerals
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VFIN.N0000VALLIBEL FINANCE PLC6.155 M LKR40.1 LKR−1.96%153.49 K0.489.63 B LKR4.988.06 LKR+17.75%2.44%Finance
SHL.N0000SOFTLOGIC HOLDINGS PLC6.059 M LKR10.8 LKR−6.09%561.061 K0.3513.714 B LKRRetail Trade
COCR.N0000COMMERCIAL CREDIT AND FINANCE PLC5.974 M LKR34.1 LKR−0.29%175.186 K0.2910.846 B LKR3.3410.22 LKR−11.23%2.93%Finance
TAP.N0000AMBEON CAPITAL PLC5.948 M LKR12.0 LKR−3.23%495.692 K0.1112.334 B LKR10.311.16 LKR0.00%Technology Services
TAFL.N0000THREE ACRE FARMS PLC5.694 M LKR299.25 LKR0.00%19.026 K1.687.04 B LKR9.36%Process Industries
SINS.N0000SINGER (SRI LANKA) PLC5.541 M LKR16.6 LKR−1.19%333.783 K0.7719.616 B LKR−1.16 LKR−176.86%0.00%Retail Trade
MGT.N0000HAYLEYS FABRIC PLC5.226 M LKR41.5 LKR+0.24%125.917 K0.2217.242 B LKR7.255.72 LKR+23.87%6.39%Process Industries
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RCL.N0000ROYAL CERAMICS LANKA PLC4.952 M LKR31.9 LKR+3.24%155.245 K0.2834.234 B LKR4.846.60 LKR−20.15%8.09%Producer Manufacturing
FCT.N0000FIRST CAPITAL TREASURIES PLC4.607 M LKR24.3 LKR0.00%189.579 K0.9314.959 B LKR1.3617.93 LKR+500.25%59.67%Finance
SEMB.N0000SMB LEASING PLC4.585 M LKR0.7 LKR0.00%6.551 M3.004.988 B LKR49.300.01 LKR+108.82%0.00%Finance
AACL.N0000ACL CABLES PLC4.553 M LKR84.1 LKR+0.48%54.138 K0.4620.028 B LKR6.6212.70 LKR−59.49%1.50%Producer Manufacturing
VONE.N0000VALLIBEL ONE PLC4.509 M LKR51.7 LKR−0.19%87.208 K0.1859.224 B LKR5.998.63 LKR+1.37%1.92%Distribution Services
JINS.N0000JANASHAKTHI INSURANCE COMPANY PLC4.268 M LKR49.0 LKR−1.21%87.105 K0.4311.122 B LKR2.6818.25 LKR+200.56%5.40%Finance
PABC.N0000PAN ASIA BANKING CORPORATION PLC4.177 M LKR22.7 LKR−0.87%184.016 K0.1010.09 B LKR5.424.19 LKR0.00%Finance
PLR.N0000PRIME LANDS RESIDENCIES LIMITED4.154 M LKR8.7 LKR0.00%477.491 K0.428.156 B LKR8.860.98 LKR−76.07%11.49%Finance
BFL.N0000BAIRAHA FARMS PLC4.013 M LKR180.00 LKR+2.86%22.292 K1.823.08 B LKR52.403.44 LKR−93.14%4.17%Process Industries
NAMU.N0000NAMUNUKULA PLANTATIONS PLC3.943 M LKR359.50 LKR+3.68%10.967 K18.498.265 B LKR4.0089.79 LKR−21.79%3.74%Process Industries
NDB.N0000NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT BANK PLC3.542 M LKR73.3 LKR−0.41%48.327 K0.1230.582 B LKR5.2913.86 LKR2.61%Finance
PEG.N0000PEGASUS HOTELS OF CEYLON PLC3.446 M LKR27.2 LKR+11.02%126.704 K15.981.021 B LKR−3.59 LKR−16.03%0.00%Consumer Services
HAYC.N0000HAYCARB PLC3.238 M LKR74.5 LKR+1.36%43.457 K1.0321.72 B LKR6.0012.42 LKR−45.12%8.21%Producer Manufacturing
ASIR.N0000ASIRI HOSPITAL HOLDINGS PLC3.235 M LKR24.0 LKR−0.41%134.802 K4.2227.301 B LKR11.382.11 LKR+21.48%0.00%Health Services
AMF.N0000ASSOCIATED MOTOR FINANCE COMPANY PLC3.22 M LKR22.8 LKR0.00%141.209 K2.712.527 B LKR11.471.99 LKR−24.57%0.00%Finance
AEL.N0000ACCESS ENGINEERING PLC3.097 M LKR23.4 LKR+0.43%132.335 K0.3523.3 B LKR2.987.85 LKR+227.12%2.15%Industrial Services
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AGAL.N0000AGALAWATTE PLANTATIONS PLC3.088 M LKR34.0 LKR+3.66%90.819 K2.335.125 B LKR0.00%Process Industries
KHL.N0000JOHN KEELLS HOTELS PLC2.923 M LKR19.3 LKR−0.52%151.458 K0.3228.104 B LKR−0.79 LKR−1950.90%0.00%Consumer Services
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RIL.N0000R I L PROPERTY LIMITED2.505 M LKR6.3 LKR+1.61%397.602 K0.735.04 B LKR131.520.05 LKR0.00%Finance
SLTL.N0000SRI LANKA TELECOM PLC2.414 M LKR89.8 LKR+0.34%26.885 K0.46160.272 B LKR−2.18 LKR−182.76%0.28%Communications
PACK.N0000EX-PACK CORRUGATED CARTONS PLC2.371 M LKR14.1 LKR0.00%168.146 K0.524.667 B LKR7.751.82 LKR−59.62%4.79%Process Industries
DIPD.N0000DIPPED PRODUCTS PLC2.298 M LKR29.6 LKR+0.68%77.644 K0.4217.599 B LKR5.994.94 LKR−63.32%8.84%Producer Manufacturing
KVAL.N0000KELANI VALLEY PLANTATIONS PLC2.28 M LKR72.6 LKR+0.14%31.405 K1.244.903 B LKR4.9214.75 LKR−62.97%7.98%Process Industries
LDEV.N0000LANKEM DEVELOPMENTS PLC2.116 M LKR16.7 LKR0.00%126.679 K0.811.992 B LKR4.533.68 LKR−63.39%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
GHLL.N0000GALADARI HOTELS (LANKA) PLC2.112 M LKR17.8 LKR0.00%118.629 K0.458.865 B LKR0.00%Consumer Services
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UBC.N0000UNION BANK OF COLOMBO PLC2.072 M LKR10.1 LKR0.00%205.168 K1.1610.619 B LKR23.980.42 LKR0.00%Finance
PLC.N0000PEOPLE'S LEASING & FINANCE PLC1.799 M LKR11.6 LKR+1.75%155.067 K0.1524.344 B LKR6.351.83 LKR−2.96%5.87%Finance
MRH.N0000MAHAWELI REACH HOTELS PLC1.659 M LKR13.8 LKR+1.47%120.235 K18.29640.104 M LKR−5.09 LKR−33.81%0.00%Consumer Services
LALU.N0000LANKA ALUMINIUM INDUSTRIES PLC1.628 M LKR25.5 LKR−0.39%63.831 K0.081.74 B LKR10.152.51 LKR−54.83%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
DIAL.N0000DIALOG AXIATA PLC1.575 M LKR11.8 LKR−0.84%133.433 K0.0597.322 B LKR4.832.44 LKR0.00%Communications
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AAIC.N0000SOFTLOGIC LIFE INSURANCE PLC1.549 M LKR63.4 LKR0.00%24.431 K0.3023.813 B LKR8.387.57 LKR+5.80%5.91%Finance
UAL.N0000UNION ASSURANCE PLC1.484 M LKR49.0 LKR+1.24%30.276 K0.2628.345 B LKR7.686.38 LKR+36.81%18.19%Finance
NTB.N0000NATIONS TRUST BANK PLC1.447 M LKR112.50 LKR−1.32%12.866 K0.0536.976 B LKR3.1635.55 LKR2.12%Finance
MARA.N0000MARAWILA RESORTS PLC1.427 M LKR3.7 LKR0.00%385.611 K0.441.267 B LKR30.990.12 LKR0.00%Consumer Services
RAL.N0000RENUKA AGRI FOODS LIMITED1.217 M LKR3.8 LKR+2.70%320.328 K0.732.054 B LKR−1.05 LKR−175.44%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
JAT.N0000JAT HOLDINGS LIMITED1.099 M LKR18.0 LKR−1.10%61.033 K0.169.238 B LKR10.311.75 LKR−40.02%4.36%Finance
CFIN.N0000CENTRAL FINANCE COMPANY PLC1.096 M LKR111.50 LKR+1.36%9.826 K0.0725.009 B LKR3.2134.70 LKR+19.94%3.86%Finance
TYRE.N0000KELANI TYRES PLC1.095 M LKR71.5 LKR+0.14%15.318 K0.555.708 B LKR5.4413.14 LKR+190.39%7.04%Consumer Durables
ALUM.N0000ALUMEX PLC1.06 M LKR10.1 LKR0.00%104.981 K0.126.106 B LKR−0.00 LKR−100.34%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
REEF.N0000CITRUS LEISURE PLC1.055 M LKR4.6 LKR−2.13%229.266 K0.792.97 B LKR−3.32 LKR−36.88%0.00%Miscellaneous
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PALM.N0000PALM GARDEN HOTELS PLC1.044 M LKR52.4 LKR+3.76%19.916 K0.6723.844 B LKR−88.62 LKR+7.48%0.00%Consumer Services
AHUN.N0000AITKEN SPENCE HOTEL HOLDINGS PLC1.014 M LKR67.0 LKR0.00%15.136 K0.1322.531 B LKR−0.44 LKR+34.82%0.00%Consumer Services
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SEYB.N0000SEYLAN BANK PLC984 K LKR50.0 LKR0.00%19.68 K0.1728.216 B LKR4.9110.19 LKR0.00%Finance
LWL.N0000LANKA WALLTILE PLC926.257 K LKR51.7 LKR+1.37%17.916 K0.1113.923 B LKR4.6311.16 LKR−45.92%9.61%Producer Manufacturing
PARQ.N0000SWISSTEK (CEYLON) PLC910.405 K LKR20.5 LKR−1.91%44.41 K0.112.833 B LKR−3.75 LKR−1111.60%3.38%Non-Energy Minerals
RICH.N0000RICHARD PIERIS PLC897.9 K LKR20.5 LKR−0.49%43.8 K0.2640.904 B LKR65.040.32 LKR−91.20%5.97%Producer Manufacturing
LHL.N0000THE LIGHTHOUSE HOTEL PLC885.108 K LKR42.0 LKR−2.10%21.074 K0.651.973 B LKR34.471.22 LKR0.00%Consumer Services
SHOT.N0000SERENDIB HOTELS PLC863.465 K LKR15.9 LKR+2.58%54.306 K0.176.151 B LKR19.700.81 LKR0.00%Consumer Services
ALLI.N0000ALLIANCE FINANCE COMPANY PLC825.6 K LKR96.0 LKR+0.10%8.6 K0.343.184 B LKR3.9824.12 LKR−9.89%5.29%Finance
TJL.N0000TEEJAY LANKA PLC798.075 K LKR37.5 LKR+1.35%21.282 K0.0826.519 B LKR37.341.00 LKR−74.30%2.03%Consumer Non-Durables
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ASIY.N0000ASIA SIYAKA COMMODITIES PLC787.334 K LKR4.5 LKR0.00%174.963 K0.321.17 B LKR5.570.81 LKR−14.34%12.22%Distribution Services
DIST.N0000DISTILLERIES COMPANY OF SRI LANKA PLC734.562 K LKR27.0 LKR−1.10%27.206 K0.11125.12 B LKR8.223.29 LKR−5.04%14.26%Consumer Non-Durables
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MDL.N0000MYLAND DEVELOPMENTS PLC710.364 K LKR8.7 LKR+8.75%81.651 K3.70Finance
CTC.N0000CEYLON TOBACCO COMPANY PLC709.38 K LKR1260.00 LKR+0.16%5630.07235.747 B LKR8.53147.63 LKR+35.07%14.15%Consumer Non-Durables
SHAW.N0000LEE HEDGES PLC681.091 K LKR90.8 LKR−0.11%7.501 K0.982.099 B LKR4.9918.19 LKR−7.45%1.22%Finance
LITE.N0000LAXAPANA BATTERIES PLC615.773 K LKR17.8 LKR0.00%34.594 K1.001.159 B LKR12.461.43 LKR−47.90%8.57%Producer Manufacturing
RHTL.N0000THE FORTRESS RESORTS PLC602.524 K LKR24.1 LKR0.00%25.001 K0.232.772 B LKR26.510.91 LKR+28.87%0.00%Consumer Services
NHL.N0000NAWALOKA HOSPITALS PLC598.978 K LKR3.9 LKR0.00%153.584 K2.435.497 B LKR−0.32 LKR+31.43%0.00%Health Services
ECL.N0000E - CHANNELLING PLC584.423 K LKR15.6 LKR+1.96%37.463 K0.981.832 B LKR44.750.35 LKR−35.02%0.00%Technology Services
HVA.N0000HVA FOODS PLC568.699 K LKR4.1 LKR+5.13%138.707 K8.82453.376 M LKR−0.69 LKR+75.61%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
TAJ.N0000TAJ LANKA HOTELS PLC559.436 K LKR19.5 LKR+2.09%28.689 K3.512.723 B LKR0.00%Consumer Services