Government bonds

Chinese bonds

The Chinese fixed-income market attracts numerous investors globally, as Chinese bonds offer risk-adjusted yields and a greater resilience in the world markets. Choose suitable bonds below to diversify your portfolio.
Avkastning %
Term to maturity
Förändring %
CCN01YChina 1 Year Government Bonds Yield1.59%1.520%2025-04-25282 dagar100.051 CNY−0.20%−0.003 CNY
CCN02YChina 2 Year Government Bonds Yield1.99%1.614%2026-03-151 år 241 dagar100.606 CNY−0.43%−0.007 CNY
CCN03YChina 3 Year Government Bonds Yield1.85%1.794%2027-05-152 år 302 dagar100.150 CNY−0.22%−0.004 CNY
CCN05YChina 5 Year Government Bonds Yield2.05%1.970%2029-04-154 år 272 dagar100.355 CNY−0.76%−0.015 CNY
CCN07YChina 7 Year Government Bonds Yield2.28%2.093%2031-03-256 år 251 dagar101.150 CNY−0.38%−0.008 CNY
CCN10YChina 10 Year Government Bonds Yield2.27%2.261%2034-05-259 år 312 dagar100.078 CNY−0.31%−0.007 CNY
CCN15YChina 15 Year Government Bonds Yield4.27%2.335%2037-05-1712 år 304 dagar121.345 CNY−0.34%−0.008 CNY
CCN20YChina 20 Year Government Bonds Yield2.49%2.435%2044-05-2519 år 313 dagar100.860 CNY+0.29%0.007 CNY
CCN30YChina 30 Year Government Bonds Yield2.57%2.491%2054-05-2029 år 307 dagar101.655 CNY+0.04%0.001 CNY