Most actively traded Amerikanska aktier in pre-market

Amerikanska aktier below were the most actively traded in the pre-market. They often show large price movements and potential for gains (or additional risk). Stocks are sorted by pre-market volume, but have other important stats too.
Pre-market Vol
Före marknadens stängning
Pre-market Chg
Pre-market Chg %
Gap förmarknad %
Förändring %
Market cap perf %
CRKNCrown Electrokinetics Corp.
229.019 M0.4205 USD0.1805 USD+75.21%+44.33%0.4861 USD+102.54%567.169 M12.408 M USD−49.31%
GWAVGreenwave Technology Solutions, Inc.
184.646 M0.2099 USD0.0618 USD+41.73%+14.79%0.2543 USD+71.71%322.811 M38.346 M USD+8.63%
FFIEFaraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc.
123.118 M2.69 USD1.04 USD+63.03%+13.33%2.67 USD+61.52%240.214 M113.723 M USD−99.96%
AKANAkanda Corp.
77.507 M0.3147 USD0.1822 USD+137.51%+51.25%0.3367 USD+154.11%111.135 M4.242 M USD
BURUNuburu, Inc.
62.928 M0.2855 USD0.1446 USD+102.63%+2.41%0.2367 USD+67.99%77.958 M9.123 M USD−71.52%
PEGYPineapple Energy Inc.
42.849 M0.1760 USD0.0280 USD+18.92%+9.66%0.1968 USD+32.98%82.541 M18.883 M USD−64.30%
SLNASelina Hospitality PLC
40.742 M0.1980 USD0.0635 USD+47.21%+47.73%0.1890 USD+40.52%69.702 M20.65 M USD−96.24%
VHAIVocodia Holdings Corp.
26.308 M0.1950 USD0.0650 USD+50.00%+51.92%0.1900 USD+46.15%37.352 M
SINTSiNtx Technologies, Inc.
26.197 M0.1418 USD0.0018 USD+1.29%−4.29%0.1299 USD−7.21%50.659 M15.939 M USD+1.82%
BRSHBruush Oral Care Inc.
25.287 M0.2037 USD0.0637 USD+45.50%+64.00%0.1880 USD+34.29%39.396 M12.591 M USD
KXINKaixin Holdings
24.42 M0.3649 USD0.1449 USD+65.86%+18.14%0.3000 USD+36.36%33.532 M14.942 M USD−95.16%
CYNCyngn Inc.
22.699 M0.1512 USD0.0252 USD+20.00%+15.32%0.1531 USD+21.51%38.607 M21.67 M USD−65.03%
SCPXScorpius Holdings, Inc.
22.262 M0.1394 USD0.0393 USD+39.26%+36.26%0.1238 USD+23.68%31.278 M4.461 M USD−61.87%
CEICamber Energy, Inc.
20.632 M0.2060 USD0.0363 USD+21.39%+3.12%0.1925 USD+13.44%29.058 M33.842 M USD−0.92%
NBYNovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
18.705 M0.1539 USD0.0339 USD+28.25%+28.33%0.1825 USD+52.06%32.297 M6.903 M USD+60.77%
GMEGameStop Corporation
15.056 M21.90 USD−5.77 USD−20.85%+7.77%20.29 USD−26.67%36.01 M6.212 B USD−18.94%
AMCAMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.
14.565 M4.50 USD−0.14 USD−3.02%+7.76%4.59 USD−1.08%30.661 M1.357 B USD−70.17%
BSFCBlue Star Foods Corp.
11.934 M0.1206 USD−0.0177 USD−12.80%+1.23%0.1094 USD−20.90%18.724 M5.214 M USD−50.49%
AGRIAgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd.
11.14 M0.1532 USD0.0382 USD+33.22%+28.70%0.1353 USD+17.65%16.647 M3.523 M USD−68.53%
ONCOOnconetix, Inc.
7.152 M0.1923 USD0.0513 USD+36.38%+18.65%0.1880 USD+33.33%10.194 M4.197 M USD
KITTNauticus Robotics, Inc.
7.074 M0.2027 USD0.0145 USD+7.70%+6.91%0.2090 USD+11.05%10.554 M13.048 M USD−89.16%
HLTHCue Health Inc.
6.626 M0.1275 USD0.0098 USD+8.33%−12.83%0.1250 USD+6.20%13.687 M19.886 M USD−80.92%
VERBVerb Technology Company, Inc.
5.969 M0.1730 USD0.0184 USD+11.90%+6.99%0.1829 USD+18.31%12.737 M19.129 M USD+96.43%
SNOASonoma Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
5.419 M0.2830 USD0.0330 USD+13.20%+15.36%0.2801 USD+12.04%8.014 M4.372 M USD−46.01%
HOLOMicroCloud Hologram Inc.
5.064 M2.03 USD0.12 USD+6.28%+2.62%1.93 USD+1.02%10.913 M11.463 M USD−84.96%
SMXSMX (Security Matters) Public Limited Company
4.638 M0.1923 USD0.0402 USD+26.43%+8.48%0.1860 USD+22.29%6.24 M1.059 M USD−97.17%
ASTIAscent Solar Technologies, Inc
4.571 M0.1749 USD0.0029 USD+1.69%+18.20%0.1554 USD−9.64%9.009 M4.777 M USD−76.98%
TLRYTilray Brands, Inc.
4.338 M2.05 USD−0.07 USD−3.30%+3.30%1.98 USD−6.83%16.697 M1.592 B USD−1.11%
KTRAKintara Therapeutics, Inc.
4.123 M0.1725 USD0.0274 USD+18.88%+20.61%0.1699 USD+17.09%5.901 M9.396 M USD+48.21%
JAGXJaguar Health, Inc.
3.562 M0.2741 USD−0.0126 USD−4.39%−2.37%0.2660 USD−7.22%7.314 M76.402 M USD+3217.40%
BNRGBrenmiller Energy Ltd
2.944 M3.05 USD0.94 USD+44.55%+1.90%2.81 USD+33.18%6.853 M6.922 M USD−74.07%
CETXCemtrex Inc.
2.899 M0.3607 USD0.0342 USD+10.47%+25.57%0.3599 USD+10.23%5.096 M3.834 M USD−95.98%
NCPLNetcapital Inc.
2.429 M0.1845 USD−0.0005 USD−0.27%+8.11%0.1699 USD−8.16%4.25 M3.4 M USD−71.62%
GDHGGolden Heaven Group Holdings Ltd.
2.344 M0.2850 USD0.0350 USD+14.00%−0.84%0.3199 USD+27.96%3.499 M13.356 M USD−92.94%
BBCANBYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc.
2.27 M1.32 USD−0.13 USD−8.97%+2.07%1.39 USD−4.27%3.592 M10.783 M USD−92.75%
WKHSWorkhorse Group, Inc.
2.055 M0.2658 USD0.0129 USD+5.10%+8.74%0.2306 USD−8.82%6.683 M72.548 M USD−74.78%
AZTRAzitra Inc
1.822 M0.2225 USD0.0242 USD+12.20%+0.05%0.2400 USD+21.03%3.831 M6.913 M USD
TANHTantech Holdings Ltd.
1.65 M0.6564 USD0.0813 USD+14.14%+4.33%0.5816 USD+1.13%2.1 M2.381 M USD−57.58%
NKLANikola Corporation
1.567 M0.5516 USD0.0020 USD+0.36%+0.71%0.5471 USD−0.45%7.923 M742.169 M USD+31.26%
VLCNVolcon, Inc.
1.472 M0.3450 USD0.0620 USD+21.89%+6.01%0.3145 USD+11.13%2.259 M7.894 M USD−83.60%
BIOLBiolase, Inc.
1.451 M0.1842 USD0.0255 USD+16.07%+3.34%0.1738 USD+9.54%2.186 M5.805 M USD−14.20%
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc.
1.413 M168.50 USD5.88 USD+3.62%+0.47%165.65 USD+1.86%16.602 M267.743 B USD+68.25%
TPHSTrinity Place Holdings Inc.
1.375 M0.1650 USD0.0248 USD+17.69%+9.13%0.1626 USD+15.98%1.788 M10.414 M USD−18.71%
SPCBSuperCom, Ltd.
1.312 M0.2098 USD0.0029 USD+1.40%+5.32%0.2140 USD+3.43%2.286 M7.355 M USD−7.82%
HOODRobinhood Markets, Inc.
1.164 M18.91 USD1.01 USD+5.64%+1.28%19.30 USD+7.82%8.084 M16.962 B USD+96.42%
OBLGOblong Inc.
1.11 M0.1900 USD0.0080 USD+4.40%−1.15%0.1795 USD−1.40%1.759 M3.64 M USD−50.98%
EJHE-Home Household Service Holdings Limited
1.052 M0.82 USD−0.21 USD−20.39%−4.81%0.74 USD−28.14%1.791 M13.217 M USD+12.73%
ZOMZomedica Corp.
1.011 M0.1915 USD0.0072 USD+3.91%+3.36%0.1792 USD−2.77%2.842 M175.607 M USD−30.53%
CPHIChina Pharma Holdings, Inc.
984.262 K0.3701 USD0.0377 USD+11.34%−4.15%0.3800 USD+14.32%1.2 M5.63 M USD+61.16%
SVMHSRIVARU Holding Limited
948.362 K0.1710 USD0.0104 USD+6.48%+4.61%0.1729 USD+7.66%1.604 M6.438 M USD
PLUGPlug Power, Inc.
947.35 K3.31 USD−0.12 USD−3.50%+0.58%3.28 USD−4.37%4.384 M2.436 B USD−66.39%
NUWENuwellis, Inc.
852.134 K0.2928 USD0.0190 USD+6.94%+5.70%0.2810 USD+2.63%2.066 M5.072 M USD−49.67%
ASTSAST SpaceMobile, Inc.
848.047 K4.11 USD0.08 USD+1.99%−2.48%4.41 USD+9.31%8.837 M1.128 B USD−38.04%
SOUNSoundHound AI, Inc.
815.622 K5.14 USD0.03 USD+0.59%+0.78%5.10 USD−0.20%3.683 M1.679 B USD+137.80%
TNXPTonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp.
755.275 K0.1990 USD0.0174 USD+9.58%+4.63%0.2069 USD+13.93%2.879 M19.768 M USD−51.86%
RDDTReddit, Inc.
754.991 K61.43 USD5.05 USD+8.96%+12.93%64.64 USD+14.64%5.212 M10.293 B USD
CCISSC3is Inc.
704.371 K1.63 USD0.14 USD+9.40%+16.78%1.63 USD+9.40%1.187 M2.673 M USD
INMInMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.
674.526 K0.3200 USD0.0352 USD+12.36%−0.07%0.2964 USD+4.09%1.229 M2.478 M USD−64.19%
JFBRJeffs' Brands Ltd
666.99 K0.3635 USD0.0535 USD+17.26%+0.65%0.3399 USD+9.65%971.124 K404.075 K USD
GNSGenius Group Limited
610.586 K0.4100 USD−0.0087 USD−2.08%−2.13%0.3998 USD−4.51%1.292 M74.418 M USD
RSLSReShape Lifesciences, Inc.
607.71 K0.1881 USD0.0177 USD+10.39%+4.52%0.1950 USD+14.44%1.019 M4.574 M USD−37.01%
604.313 K1.24 USD0.13 USD+11.71%+16.22%1.26 USD+13.96%1.256 M14.769 M USD−57.85%
MARAMarathon Digital Holdings, Inc.
601.835 K20.18 USD0.53 USD+2.70%+0.36%20.02 USD+1.88%8.215 M5.465 B USD+182.25%
MGRXMangoceuticals, Inc.
595.779 K0.2600 USD0.0399 USD+18.13%+13.58%0.2530 USD+14.95%761.065 K6.279 M USD
DXCDXC Technology Company
561.231 K15.80 USD−4.08 USD−20.52%−21.03%16.46 USD−17.20%3.187 M3.01 B USD−32.18%
ISUNiSun, Inc.
554.424 K0.1780 USD0.0104 USD+6.21%−1.55%0.1725 USD+2.92%1.13 M8.174 M USD−34.24%
SOFISoFi Technologies, Inc.
533.383 K7.12 USD0.00 USD0.00%−0.28%7.26 USD+1.97%4.366 M7.675 B USD+52.48%
PLTRPalantir Technologies Inc.
526.222 K21.83 USD0.18 USD+0.83%+0.65%21.90 USD+1.15%4.183 M48.769 B USD+231.76%
SINGSinglePoint Inc.
514.398 K0.2794 USD−0.0040 USD−1.41%+13.76%0.2550 USD−10.02%821.643 K289.356 K USD−95.55%
TSLATesla, Inc.
502.012 K173.65 USD−1.19 USD−0.68%−0.16%172.85 USD−1.14%8.5 M551.253 B USD+7.21%
LCIDLucid Group, Inc.
456.237 K2.87 USD−0.01 USD−0.35%0.00%2.75 USD−4.51%4.505 M6.345 B USD−54.69%
SPCEVirgin Galactic Holdings, Inc.
448.066 K1.01 USD−0.02 USD−1.94%+1.94%1.04 USD+0.97%2.292 M427.816 M USD−61.78%
SSBFMSunshine Biopharma Inc.
429.68 K0.9050 USD0.0150 USD+1.69%+0.78%0.9020 USD+1.35%759.282 K897.065 K USD−92.99%
PRSTPresto Automation, Inc.
427.117 K0.1889 USD0.0259 USD+15.89%+2.88%0.2041 USD+25.18%1.088 M21.257 M USD−88.83%
LSDILucy Scientific Discovery Inc.
418.377 K1.31 USD−0.28 USD−17.61%−10.06%1.32 USD−16.98%796.46 K2.329 M USD
BNEDBarnes & Noble Education, Inc
400.183 K0.1888 USD0.0107 USD+6.01%+3.31%0.1804 USD+1.26%946.8 K9.587 M USD−85.26%
AALLRAllarity Therapeutics, Inc.
396.163 K0.6800 USD0.0072 USD+1.07%+0.88%0.6360 USD−5.47%1.251 M11.198 M USD−62.69%
TPETTrio Petroleum Corp.
393.732 K0.2899 USD0.0059 USD+2.08%+2.57%0.2750 USD−3.17%998.708 K10.151 M USD
LYRALyra Therapeutics, Inc.
389.758 K0.3600 USD−0.0076 USD−2.07%0.00%0.3670 USD−0.16%1.032 M22.374 M USD+194.55%
RIVNRivian Automotive, Inc.
385.14 K10.07 USD−0.06 USD−0.59%+0.39%10.08 USD−0.49%4.083 M10.033 B USD−20.45%
CCLCarnival Corporation
381.703 K14.99 USD0.09 USD+0.60%+0.40%14.99 USD+0.57%1.745 M18.838 B USD+45.67%
IINTJIntelligent Group Limited
379.329 K1.0600 USD0.0855 USD+8.77%−1.26%1.0880 USD+11.65%715.668 K14.416 M USD
MTNBMatinas Biopharma Holdings, Inc.
347 K0.1823 USD0.0093 USD+5.38%+7.34%0.1795 USD+3.76%446.087 K45.021 M USD−66.77%
SPWRSunPower Corporation
338.35 K3.13 USD−0.16 USD−4.86%−0.91%3.05 USD−7.33%1.501 M535.03 M USD−79.21%
TELLTellurian Inc.
333.848 K0.5261 USD0.0049 USD+0.94%−0.46%0.5454 USD+4.64%1.911 M456.078 M USD−51.23%
326.807 K2.70 USD0.05 USD+1.85%+1.51%2.66 USD+0.38%1.206 M699.803 M USD+37.19%
HLHecla Mining Company
326.487 K5.66 USD0.17 USD+3.10%+1.09%5.91 USD+7.65%3.114 M3.701 B USD−20.35%
BGXXBright Green Corporation
317.755 K0.2499 USD0.0219 USD+9.61%+4.04%0.2433 USD+6.71%412.697 K46.267 M USD−78.93%
NVAXNovavax, Inc.
317.726 K14.36 USD−0.04 USD−0.31%−0.69%13.34 USD−7.36%3.427 M1.873 B USD+4.02%
AGFYAgrify Corporation
311.672 K0.3300 USD−0.0150 USD−4.35%+5.04%0.3552 USD+2.96%467.711 K5.054 M USD+127.71%
NVDANVIDIA Corporation
309.641 K945.11 USD1.52 USD+0.16%−0.03%938.25 USD−0.57%5.331 M2.346 T USD+213.35%
CLSKCleanSpark, Inc.
293.203 K16.80 USD0.33 USD+2.00%+0.79%16.73 USD+1.60%4.316 M3.813 B USD+794.07%
INTCIntel Corporation
276.044 K32.06 USD0.03 USD+0.09%+0.09%31.80 USD−0.72%5.456 M135.373 B USD+1.77%
NCNCnoco-noco Inc.
259.381 K0.2186 USD0.0356 USD+19.45%+1.15%0.2129 USD+16.34%311.131 K28.833 M USD−68.90%
LANVLanvin Group Holdings Limited
254.886 K1.61 USD−0.06 USD−3.59%−5.99%1.62 USD−3.29%259.064 K189.471 M USD−71.47%
KULRKULR Technology Group, Inc.
253.213 K0.3750 USD0.0050 USD+1.35%+0.57%0.3770 USD+1.89%707.594 K68.869 M USD−8.47%
AAPLApple Inc.
251.687 K189.50 USD−0.34 USD−0.18%−0.03%190.41 USD+0.30%7.122 M2.92 T USD+3.73%
RIOTRiot Platforms, Inc.
242.705 K10.20 USD0.20 USD+2.00%+1.10%10.11 USD+1.10%3.165 M2.92 B USD+50.42%
AGBAAGBA Group Holding Limited
239.917 K2.22 USD−0.22 USD−9.02%−1.64%2.24 USD−8.05%616.553 K183.385 M USD+92.92%, Inc.
238.236 K183.82 USD0.19 USD+0.10%+0.23%184.82 USD+0.65%5.09 M1.923 T USD+78.76%